Klokov Equipment - Demand the Impossible

Flex Fitness Equipment is proud to announce that we will be offering the incredible range from Klokov Equipment Australia wide.

Just as Dmitry exemplifies excellence on the platform, the line of equipment bearing his name will do likewise in how it’s designed, manufactured, and packaged.

Built from the ground up by a team with more than thirty combined years inside the functional equipment space, and paired with Dmitry’s twenty years as one of the most accomplished Olympic weightlifters in the world, Klokov Equipment will take advantage of our collective insight and experience to Demand the Impossible of our customers, and ourselves.

Thanks in large part to athletes like Dmitry and to the rapid rise of CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting is in a golden age, no longer relegated to the sidelines of the world’s stage. We believe the time has arrived for innovation within the equipment space of this sport, and are confident that we are the team that will bring the very best of that innovation to the olympic weightlifting world of today.

Flex Fitness Equipment will be showcasing the Klokov Equipment Range at the Sydney Fitness Expo on 28th to the 30 of April at Darling Harbour Sydney.

Klokov Equipment 140kg Bumper Plate Package
47% OFF RRP $3,200.00
Klokov Equipment 20kg Sport Bar

Klokov Equipment 20kg Sport Bar

Now $839.00

On Sale 44% OFF RRP $1,499.00
Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate 10kg
37% OFF RRP $199.00
Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate 15kg
33% OFF RRP $279.00
Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate 20kg
33% OFF RRP $375.00
Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate 25KG
22% OFF RRP $399.00
Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate 30KG
13% OFF RRP $429.00
Klokov Equipment Men's Olympic 20kg Bar
On Sale 45% OFF RRP $1,699.00
Klokov Equipment Olympic Weightlifting Collars
43% OFF RRP $399.00
Klokov Equipment Women's Olympic 15kg Bar
On Sale 57% OFF RRP $1,399.00