Flat & FID Benches

Choose from a range of Flat and FID benches below. We have models to suit any budget, and we offer our Best Price Guarantee (conditions apply) and various payment options including an interest free option. We also offer Australia wide shipping and usually dispatch the next day – for more information on our delivery see our delivery information.

Bodyworx HD Flat Bench CF120

Bodyworx HD Flat Bench CF120


40% OFF DON'T PAY $299.00
BodyWorx FID Bench  C324SB

BodyWorx FID Bench C324SB


Armortech V2 Commercial Flat Bench 1210
13% OFF DON'T PAY $229.00
 BodyWorx Deluxe FID Bench C330UB
24% OFF DON'T PAY $449.00
BodyWorx HD FID Bench C420UB

BodyWorx HD FID Bench C420UB


13% OFF DON'T PAY $399.00
Armortech Sit Up Bench
26% OFF DON'T PAY $229.00
Bodyworx FID bench with rack C325UB
20% OFF DON'T PAY $249.00
BodyWorx HD FID Utility Bench C430UB
20% OFF DON'T PAY $499.00

Ways to use a Weight Bench

Aside from Bench Presses, there are other exercises you can use your weight bench for. These are some great exercises to build strength and endurance with repetition.

Work your abs, butt, thighs and hamstrings – Start in plank with toes on the bench, hands on the floor and place your right foot on your left calf. Engage your abs and keep your arms straight as you bend and lower your left knee and repeat.

Work your shoulders, arms, abs – Start in plank with toes on the bench and your hands on the floor. Engage your abs as you walk your hands toward the bench until your body is inverted, then walk your hands back to return to a straight plank and repeat.

Work your shoulders, back, abs, obliques – Start in a side plank with your feet staggered on the bench, your right foot in front of left, your left palm on the floor, and your right arm wrapped around your waist. Raise hips as high as you can, then lower again and repeat.

Work your abs, butt, thighs

Lie face down on the bench with your hip bones at the end, your legs together and toes on floor. Hold the bench for support, and then lift and lower your body until parallel to floor. Keeping your legs pressed together, bend your knees and lower until hovering above floor. Return to start and repeat.

Works: shoulders, arms, abs

Sit on the edge of the bench, keep your hands at your sides, your fingers forward, your knees bent 90 degrees and your feet flat. Use your arms to lift yourself off the bench and bring your feet off the floor, holding for 5 seconds. Lower yourself back to the bench and repeat.

Work your butt, thighs

Lie face up on the floor with your heels on the edge of the bench, your arms crossed at your chest. Lift your hips, forming a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lower your hips until hovering above the floor and repeat.