2019 Bodybuilding Calendar

2019 International Bodybuilding Events Calendar

This year looks set to be an exciting one for bodybuilders and bodybuilding enthusiasts alike, with plenty of great events to look forward to across the globe. With everything from professional events to fitness expos on the horizon, we’ve compiled some of the very best so you can keep track of what’s happening, where and when in the year ahead. Even if you only make it to one of this year’s highlights, you’re almost certain to leave feeling nothing less than incredibly inspired after seeing some of the biggest names in the sport go head-to-head for various titles and accolades. Even if you aren’t a hardcore bodybuilder, these well-respected shows are great places to discover new brands, get some expert tips and try a few new products. The only question in, which one is a must for your diary?

Arnold Classics Worldwide

28th February – 3rd March 2019 / California, USA

The Arnold Classics is perhaps the best known of all the bodybuilding events and continues to thrive year after year. This multi-sports event has a strong focus on bodybuilding, which is unsurprising given its origins. Founded in 1989 by actor and former bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, this sports festival now features talent from over 80 nations, with 800 bodybuilders regularly taking part in the events. There’ll be everything from Strongman events to a full fitness expo, providing plenty of inspiration to aspiring and existing bodybuilding talent. A number of Arnold Classics take place around the globe through the year, including a hotly anticipated visit to Melbourne later in March, but the season kicks off in California – who knows, you may even bump into the man himself wandering around!

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Arnold Classics Australia

15th – 17th March 2019 / Melbourne, Australia

The Australian-wing of the Arnold Classics event has been running for five years now, celebrating its anniversary in 2019. In this short time, it has already become perhaps the most popular event of its type in the country, with plenty of exhibitors, showcase and competitions to enjoy. There’s a pro bodybuilding event, an amateur bodybuilding competition and even a fitness model search, as well as a lavish after-party for contestants to enjoy as reward for all of their hard work. If you are a bodybuilding fan but only visit one event this year, this is great pick.

Sunshine Coast Classic

24th March 2019 / Queensland, Australia

This competitor event marks the continuation of the autumn bodybuilding season in 2019, with a range of competitive bodybuilders from across the region taking part. There are both men’s and women’s events on offer including everything from novice to expert talent competitions. The event also includes a strong focus not only on strength but on wellness too.

IFBB Australasia Championships

31st March 2019 / New South Wales, Australia

This well-known bodybuilding event attracts competitors from across Australia and beyond, including New Zealand, Indonesia and Tahiti. As an International Federation of Bodybuilding championship, the event will allow bodybuilders from the Australasia region to participate in a judged competition sure to put their skills to the test.


4th – 7th April 2019 / Cologne, Germany

For fans of health and wellness, the annual FIBO exhibition in Germany is not to be missed. Taking place in Cologne this year, this four-day event offers a glimpse at some of the major new developments in the fitness space, and will be of particular interest to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts from around the world.

There are more than 500 exhibitors on display here during the event, each providing a new way of looking at health, strength and the wellness industry. For professionals, it’s also a great chance to network and make important business connections. This is the leading exhibition of its kind, and attracts top talent encompassing a wide spectrum of fitness regimens, as well as showcasing everything from new training equipment to the very latest nutrition products, gym equipment, apparel and technology.

BodyPower Experience

10th – 12th May 2019 / Birmingham, UK

This global fitness brand will be bringing its expertise to Birmingham in the UK for three days during May 2019. Hosted at the NEC, Bodypower is the largest consumer health and fitness expo in Europe with over 100,000 visitors and some of the biggest names in fitness in attendance. It encompasses sports and performance, fitness, lifestyle and aesthetics, each with their own distinct platform within the venue. Whether you’re looking for new inspiration for your fitness goals, hoping to tone up even further for summer, or simply eager to learn more about nutrition, this is an event which offers a little bit of everything, all under one roof. Expect competitions, giveaways, product showcases and a host of appearances from celebrities and fitness personalities

Mr. Olympia

12th – 15th September 2019 / Las Vegas, USA

Without doubt one of the most significant bodybuilding events in the world, Mr Olympia is part of an international fitness event which kicks off this year in Las Vegas. The winner of the main title can look forward to tremendous prestige in the bodybuilding world, and there is also a Ms. Olympia contest for female bodybuilders.

Pure Elite Amateur World Championships

9th November 2019 / Kent, UK

The major events of the bodybuilding year end with the Pure Elite Amateur World Championships in the UK in November. Here talented beginners are encouraged to put their skills to the test amongst a competitive crowd of fellow non-professionals.



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