CrossFit: Is it for you?

CrossFit gyms, or boxes as they are called, are popping up all around the world. The CrossFit Games are shown on the ESPN networks and are sponsored by Reebok. On social media, you may have friends that are constantly posting the day’s WOD and CrossFit motivational sayings. So what is CrossFit and what the heck is a WOD? And more importantly does it work?

CrossFit was a workout program developed by Greg Glassman in the 1970s. It emphasizes physical activity through functional movements and competition. The CrossFit workouts encompass elements from Olympic lifting, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and many more. Glassman’s approach utilizes a constantly varying program performed at a high intensity to push your limits.

If you go to a CrossFit gym, the sessions are generally an hour-long and consist of a warm-up, skill development period, the WOD and a cool down with a stretch. Once again, you might be asking what is a WOD? A WOD is the “workout of the day.” Here is a sample WOD from the CrossFit website:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
50-lb. dumbbell squat snatches, 5 reps, left arm
50-lb. dumbbell squat snatches, 5 reps, right arm
50 double-unders

WODs are challenging. If you attend a class at a CrossFit box, you will be competing against everyone else. If you crave competition, CrossFit is a good fit for you. If you like to work out by yourself but still want a little competition, you can post your time under each WOD on the website.

CrossFit is an intense workout program and isn’t for everyone. The workouts require skills especially with the complex Olympic lifts. That’s why they dedicate time to skill development before the class and have alternatives available for participants. Is it safe and effective? It’s safe if you follow directions and practice the movements and is very effective at building lean muscle.

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