Fitting Out your CrossFit Garage or Affiliate

Whether you’re setting up your Garage Gym or your own Affiliate, the list of equipment doesn’t change. If you’re stuck and not sure what to prioritise or what you need, worry not! Below we’ll outline the essentials, the gear for the intermediate and the gear that’ll be the envy of all athletes! We’ll show how affordable it can be, as training at home should be a luxury everyone can afford!

Let's begin with the basic core items every CrossFit Affiliate or Garage Gym needs, without them you'll be a fish out of water.

Pull-Up Bars or Stations

The basic for any gymnastics or body weight training, is a simple pull up station. If you have the space a single wall mounted rig will do the trick, Armortech 4ft Single Cell Rig CORE - WM1C. If not a wall mounted pull up bar can solve the issue without taking up any floor space, Armortech Wall Mount Pull Up Bar.

Adjustable Squat Stands

If space is an issue Squat Stands are the perfect solution. They have a robust design and a massive weight rating, while still having a small, mobile foot print. Armortech V2 Adjustable Squat Rack Stands.

Olympic Barbells

The Barbell is key for any Strength and Conditioning, or Olympic Weightlifting program. This is where you want to buy a quality barbell rather than scrimping on something that can’t handle the load. Important features to look at:

  • Whip: How much can the bar bend and return to its original shape?
  • Bearings or bushings: What kind of bearings, or bushings does it have and how many? These are key factors in the spin and durability of a bar.
  • Tensile strength: How much weight/pressure can it lift safely without breaking?
  • Knurling and knurl marks: How aggressive is the grip and does it have guiding marks?
  • Coating and finish: What is the bar coated with? Cheap chrome can decrease the barbells life, whereas a cerakote finish can make it last many years longer!

Taking into account the above we’d recommend using either the Armortech V2 Women's Full Black Olympic Competition Weight Lifting Barbell or the Armortech 7ft Full Black Men's Olympic Competition Barbell. However there is also other options available; Armortech 7FT Olympic Weightlifting Barbell or Armortech V2 Men’s 7ft Power Bar/Armortech V2 Women's Power Bar.

Rubber Bumper Plates

It’s important to select good quality rubber bumper plates. With their larger size and rubber coating they’ll protect against rust, and your floors when dropped. This makes them key for Garage Gyms, which generally have weaker floors than a typical gym.

There are various rubber plates; Olympic Rubber Weight Plates, Armortech V2 Black Bumper Plates, Armortech V2 Crumb Bumper Plates and Armortech V2 Competition Bumper Plates. This comes down to use and personal preference.


A popular piece of equipment for the fact these provide a highly challenging form of training, with far greater returns than other traditional exercises. There are a couple options depending on preference; Plastic Gym Rings and Armortech Wooden Gym Rings.

Medicine Balls

These are fantastic for cardiovascular and strength training. A must have for any Garage or CrossFit Affiliate, Armortech Medicine Ball.


A crucial piece of equipment for any set up. With such a large variety of exercises possible, whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete they’re a must have. When selecting Dumbbells pick those that are durable, rubber headed for wear and tear, with chrome handles to protect against rust. Hex Dumbbells.

Once you have the basics you may want to set your sights further for a more intense training program. These items are not a necessity but they are key components in a CrossFit Affiliate.

3-in-1 Plyo Boxes

Plyometric Boxes are a superb instrument to add more power development and jumping capacity to your training. They’re a great option to save space and maximise functionality, with the Plyo Box having three heights in one; 20, 24 and 32 inches or 50,60 and 75cm!

Commercial Foam Plyo Boxes are soft on the knees and great for commercial settings or beginners, Armortech 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box. Whereas traditional Wooden Plyo Boxes are rugged, solid and functional. Great for advanced training and CrossFit Affiliates, Armortech 3-in-1 Wooden Plyo Box.

Flat Benches

With benches you don’t have to look much further than the trusty Flat Bench. With a solid construction and versatile build, it can be used for many different applications. Whether it's for the Garage Gym, Armortech Flat Bench FB2003 or a CrossFit Affiliate Armortech V2 Commercial Flat Bench FB100.


Kettlebells are an ever-popular piece of equipment for their versatility, offering an intense cardio workout. There are various options from a standard Cast Iron Kettlebell, a more atheistically pleasing Armortech V2 Iron Kettlebell or Competition Kettlebells for the serious lifter or advanced CrossFit Affiliate.


Speed Ropes

A simple and very affordable addition to your training space. Important features to look for when selecting these are a lightweight cable to allow you to jump with speed, adjustable length and easy grip handles. Armortech V2 SR-1 Speed Rope are ideal as a starter or Armortech V2 SR-2 Speed Rope for the more advanced user.


Parallettes are great for dynamic bodyweight exercises, enabling many benefits for any strength athlete no matter their level. From basic dips, L-sits and weighted handstand pushups. You can push yourself to new limits while strengthening your hands/grip, forearms, core and legs. They don’t cost the earth, so it's an affordable addition. Armortech Parallette Bars or for those more advanced Armortech V2 Parallette Bars.

Climbing Rope

Rope climbing is a tough but necessary exercise for CrossFit. Make sure to select a climbing rope made from sisal material or their a like, allowing for a solid grip, although minimises rope burn and slippage. Those with a steel clamp end are key so it’s easily mounted and prevents fraying. Armortech V2 Climbing Rope.

Resistance Bands

The most versatile addition! From developing strength and power, to stretching and rehabbing injuries. These are one of the best tools available, Power Resistance Band.


If you’ve got the space you can’t go past a Concept2 Rower. Rowing machines go hand and hand with CrossFit, and are a great piece of cardio equipment.

Glute-Ham Developers

The best bit of kit to get those Glute and Hamstring gains, which will have a massive impact in improving overall performance. Armortech V2 Glute Hamstring Developer GHD100.

Rubber Flooring

To foolproof your CrossFit Garage or Affiliate, rubber flooring is the best bet for protecting your floors. Select one that is easily cleaned, noise absorbent and high in density to give you lasting durability. Armortech Commercial Gym Flooring is ideal flooring, alternatively you can use Jigsaw flooring; EVA Jigsaw Flooring 20mm or EVA Jigsaw Flooring 40mm.

If your thirst for more varied movements has not been met, you can look to these items to get your fix.

Power Racks

There’s a reason you see Power Racks in almost every gym. Essentially any athletic movement can be trained using these. Allowing you to train safely without a spotter, having frames to catch barbells when dropped. With various options available there’s something for everyone, Armortech Power Racks.


A must have item for anyone serious about weight training. Helps keep your footing firm and stable so you can lift weights comfortably and confidently. It also helps protect your flooring, so you can have peace of mind as you work out and remain focused on what’s important - building and strengthening muscles! Armortech V2 Olympic Lifting Platform.

Airmill Runners

With its unique design the treadmill moves with gravity and user weight, allowing you to be in full control of your workout - a revolutionary design in the industry and no wonder it’s the most popular treadmill for CrossFitters. Airmill Air Runner.

Parallel/Equaliser Bars

A very versatile piece of equipment to add to a CrossFit space, allowing you to perform various body weight exercises. Armortech Equaliser Bar Set.

Air Bikes

It’s a love hate relationship! Air bikes are one of the best pieces of cardio equipment you’ll find, Airmill Air Bike or Airmill Air Bike.

Ski Ergs

Long recognised as delivering one of the toughest workouts around. Nordic skiing develops both strength and endurance, exercising the legs as well as the arms and core. Concept 2 Ski Erg.

Bike Ergs

An addition to be the envy of all athletes, the latest of sport-based ergometers. Concept 2 Bike Erg.

Before purchasing your equipment make sure to consider the layout of the space you’re using. The most common concern of those unsure of how to set up a Garage Gym or their alike, is a lack of space. But, even the most space-restricted areas can provide a functional and practical set up. It’s all about the layout!

You can set up your Garage Gym or CrossFit Affiliate for very little, or use finance plans to get it all. Either way we’ve got you covered for all your CrossFit needs.

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