Matt Lynch Blanch: Strongman Legend

If you don't know Matt Lynch Blanch, you may need to brush up on your strongman knowledge. But don't worry, we have you covered here! He was the 1st place winner in the 2019 Arnold's Strongman Open, loves to throw around some heavy weight and now a proud sponsored Armortech athlete. With lifts like a 380kg deadlift, 460kg frame deadlift, 170kg log and 110kg monster dumbbell, you can see why he is named a strongman legend.

Strongman is all about lifting heavy, awkward objects and getting them from A to B. The men and women who compete in strongman, are a class of their own. Their strength is phenomenal, something you may have thought humanly impossible. It requires a great deal of dedication, skill, athleticism and mental toughness to compete in this sport, something Matt possesses a great deal of. There's nothing quite like the sport of Strongman.

Matt has been competing in Strongman for 6 years, competing in a vast array of competitions including 2 world championships - Finland 2017 and North Carolina 2018 (where he placed 10th!). Keep your eyes open at the 2019 Australia's Strongest Man and the 2020 Arnold's Strongman Pro events as Matt Lynch Blanch supported by Armortech will be competing with the best in the business for that 1st place title! We are proud to welcome Matt to the Armortech team and look forward to working with him closely in the sport of Strongman.

Matt is a phenomenal athlete, and to help provide some evidence to back our claims, his stats are below!

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