Get Your Motivation Back After a Break

Published: 11 February 2016 

Get Your Motivation Back After a Break

Falling off the fitness bandwagon happens to everyone; don’t beat yourself up over it! The good news is that being fit and healthy is something you can always keep trying to succeed at; guilt will just make you lose motivation.

Working out on your own can be a little lonely, not to mention boring. Training with a friend not only helps pass the time and exercise counts, but will often make you push yourself harder and further than you would on your own (let’s admit it we’re all a little competitive). You will keep each other motivated and this can help you get motivated.

Think about splurging on a new training outfit or accessories to help get you out and about in the fit-world. Your old shirts with holes in them and baggy pants won’t help your confidence when you first try to get back into exercise.

It’s true the early bird definitely catches the worm, and in this case working out first thing in the morning means you don’t have all day to talk yourself out of it with other priorities. Remember; lay your gym clothes out the night before so that you can put them straight on before you even know you’re doing it.

Starting back with enjoyable exercises will help ease you back into the swing of things. Given the choice of an hour run versus a dance or spin class with an instructor, you’d be crazy not to go for the fun and supportive option of a class.

Don’t be scared or hesitant to ask professionals for help, they can offer you helpful tips and keep encouraging you to stay motivated. Talk to your doctor, a trainer or equipment specialists at Flex Fitness about your goals and what you want to achieve, it holds you accountable as well as making sure you’re going about it all the right way.

Literally! Make yourself a new soundtrack of the latest tracks that you love and give you energy. The right track will help you put more effort into your workout and can help pass the time.

Know your goals and associate them with an image, person or motivational story to keep you going when you need a kick-start in training. This will help you to remember not only where you started, but how far you’ve come and where you are headed.


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