Tips and Tricks: Setting Up A Home Gym

Setting up a home gym can be just as daunting as joining your local fitness centre, but by following a few simple tips setting up your own fitness area at home becomes much more realistic in any space or budget.

Get Buff, Not Broke

Speak to the team at Flex Fitness Equipment about Certegy Easy Pay, get fit today and pay over time. Start small and invest in adjustable equipment, such as adjustable dumbbells or bars with plates. Think about how much you will save space and cost wise if you invest in a few quality adjustable sets that you can build up with time compared to multiple pairs of dumbbells that can take over the small amount of space you may have.

Dedicate the Room

Rolling out a yoga mat on the lounge room floor and keeping a set of dumbbells to double as doorstops around the home does nothing to encourage you to work out. You need to create yourself a dedicated space, recognise that working out is a time for you and part of that is dedicating an area for yourself. Turn that empty bedroom or study nook into your fitness spot, a dedicated area with a door is ideal for avoiding distractions. Always remember the little things like a stereo or some sort of entertainment for the room and invest in a mirror at least one full length as a minimum. Being able to see yourself is not only important in acknowledging the time and energy of your workout but is also an integral part of working out safely, with watching your form and technique vital to avoiding injuries.

Remember! Return on Investment

Trying to toss up if you should just bite the bullet and join your local gym or have the expense of setting up your at home fitness area? The average adult gym membership is around $20 a week, $80 a month or $1,040 a year. For this amount a year, you could fit yourself out a decent gym with a considerable amount of quality equipment, not only returning your out of pocket expenses with an improvement in your fitness but also your own personal gym with equipment to call your own.

Flex Fitness offer the pay over time option on their equipment, which with a different mindset could be thought of as the weekly membership fee to “your gym”.

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