Recumbent Bike - Is it the Right Fit for You?

Have you ever used an upright stationary bike, but felt some lower back, neck or maybe even some wrist pain? You’re not the only one. If you suffer from pain in those regions, switching to a more ergonomically correct cardio machine might be just what you need. Introducing the recumbent bike, the machine that places users in a laid-back reclining position, taking the stress off the lower back, neck and wrist.

When using an upright stationary bike, it requires core stability and endurance. By sitting in an upright position with no back support, the lower back has to work harder to maintain that position. You may frequently bend over and put your head down which may cause neck discomfort. Trying to pedal harder? You probably will grasp the handles tight and that may cause wrist, hand and forearm pain. On the recumbent bike, none of that happens. Your weight is distributed over a wider area and the back support keeps your position without tiring your back, neck and wrists. To avoid injuries on the lower half of your body, make sure your seat is adjusted to the correct level. The proper positioning while exercising on a recumbent bike should see the knee slightly flexed at the furthest point of your revolution.

So who should be using these machines? A recumbent bike is an excellent cardio machine and can be used by anyone. If you are a competitive cyclist, chances are you will not be using a recumbent though. However, people who are overweight or new to exercise as well as those who have a history of lower back pain, may find increased benefits from using this machine. It allows them to get a non-impact cardio workout that is a good calorie burner without being in an uncomfortable position. If you are generally a fit person though, an upright stationary bike is probably a better fit. To maintain an upright position, you must use your core muscles which are very important for everyday activities and good posture.

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