Squat racks and Power cages

Looking to pack on some muscle this winter, but want to do it in your home gym? But you will need a lot of equipment and that costs a lot, right? Not so fast. Flex Fitness Equipment has just the right piece of equipment for you. We have a wide variety of squat racks and power cages that are affordable and durable. Squat racks and power cages are a perfect tool for performing some of the best muscle-building exercises out there.

There is no magic workout. Everyone is different and we adapt in our own ways. The same can be said for weight training. We are all different shapes and sizes, possess different goals and train in a variety of ways. The key to muscle-building though is to perform compound exercises. Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that target more than one muscle. They can help pack on muscle mass and give you the physique you’ve always wanted. Some compound exercises include squats, deadlifts and pull-ups.

So what is a squat rack? A squat rack is a piece of equipment that allows you to perform, you guessed it – a squat. If you have a low ceiling, it’s the perfect piece of equipment. In addition to squats, you can perform rows, overhead presses and other exercises. It also can just be a place for just storing your barbell.

If you have a little bit more room in your home gym and want to perform some additional exercises, a power rack could be the answer. Power racks are a little taller and require a higher ceiling as opposed to a squat rack. While they are larger, power racks have a pull-up bar. If you have a bench, it is also quite easy to slide a bench in the cage and perform bench press. Some power racks even come with a lat pulldown attachment and dip handles, giving you even greater variety in your workout.

Both squat racks and power cages are safe and effective. It just comes down to space and price. Squat racks are less expensive and require less space, but are less versatile. Power cages cost a little bit more and require more space, but have more options for exercising. More importantly, whichever option you choose, it will help you build muscle this winter and beyond without even going out your front door.