Traditional Home Gym VS Functional Trainers

Traditional Home Gym VS Functional Trainers


In today's world, fitness plays a pivotal role in everyone's life. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest. People who are both, physically and mentally fit, are less likely to fall sick and focus more on day to day activities. With increasing awareness and more focus on health, people are indulging themselves into various workouts and exercises which keep them physically and mentally fit.

There are two major schools of thought when overall fitness, weight loss or athletic performance are concerned, Traditional Home Gym and Functional Trainers! Wondering which one is better for your fitness? Well, both the programs have their pros and cons. It purely depends on individuals to decide which one is better for them and their fitness. Both Traditional Home Gym and Functional Trainers give you complete body workouts, therefore, you are the one to choose which is suitable for you as both target different audiences.

Traditional Home Gym works on one muscle group at a time which makes each repetition safe and biomechanically correct. It can be referred to weight lifting programs in which basic movements are repeated over and over again. The movements of Traditional Home Gym circulates around one or two muscles which make them stronger to handle more weight and repetitions over the time. Traditional Home Gym is considered suitable when you have to follow a fixed path which lowers the risk of performing improper motions and it is safe for beginners who lack proper knowledge as incorrect exercises and postures may lead to stiff muscles and injuries.

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Traditional Home Gym is good for those who are mainly strengthening one area of their body and have targeted it as their primary focus. For example, someone injured their arm or shoulder and trying to rebuild their strength, they will require a traditional machine to perform specific types of exercises. Some common traditional machines are leg press, leg extension, chest press, lat pull down and bicep & tricep bars which focus on specific motions. These machines focus on one body part at a time and hence, repetitive motions help work on the specific area of the body to create a difference.

Pictures attached below are some of the examples of Traditional Home Gym machines which are mostly used in gyms and particularly focus on one body part at time.

Functional trainers are becoming popular these days because they are more practical for full body

workouts and work similar as to how your body should work in everyday routine. Functional Training focuses on creating those movements which body performs naturally and offers a wide variety of exercises involving multiple muscle groups. Compared to traditional method of exercise, Functional Trainers actually target those movements which are done in everyday routine and hence, make those movements easier to perform in everyday life.

It is suitable for those who have enough knowledge and know-how of fitness exercises. Functional Trainers give you freedom to move your body in any direction because cable does not have to follow fixed plane; hence, more sports related actions and positions can be performed. Like golfers can hold cable handle and stimulate their swing and baseball players can grip the cable handle in a throwing motion and there are hundreds of different motions for Functional Trainers which they can perform flexibly and in proper direction.

But Functional Trainers can be hard to use for those who do not know proper motions and exercises; therefore, it is always better to consult and gather correct information before investing into it. Functional Trainers consume less space and are pocket friendly unlike Traditional Home Gym machines. It comprises of one or two weight stacks which are connected to two adjustable pulleys hence; different motion of exercises can be performed and individuals can perform their customized exercises as well. These trainers are suitable for educated audience who have intermediate to advance experience in this field and can perform exercises tailored according to their needs.

Pictures attached below are few of the examples of Functional Trainers. They are practical and occupy less space and can be used at home.


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