Semi Commercial Equipment

Flex Fitness Equipment is proud to be a supplier for semi commercial gym and fitness equipment.  A semi commercial environment is one that has 20 members or less using the equipment on a daily basis with light use. Examples of a semi commercial environment would be a larger PT studio, an small apartment or a hotel gym, a school gym or similar. 

If you are in fitness business take a look at the variety highly durable exercise machines such as benches, power cages, lat pulldown machines, functional trainers, air bikes, treadmills and more. These machines have the ability to withstand the medium training hours which makes them perfect for places such as student dorms, spa centres and swimming pools, and other institutions where gym is not a primary area of business. We offer a variety of flexible payment options as well Australia wide shipping.

So far we have supplied many gyms including Anytime Fitness BalcattaF45 Canning Vale, and Revo Fitness Vic Park.

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