Olympic Bar Package

This package is perfect for both a private and commercial setting. The combination of bars included in this package allow for a very versatile workout, which is key to promoting maximum gains in strength and power during your training.

The 7ft Olympic bar included is rated to 700lb with ball bearings and a knurled grip. Perfect for all your heavy lifting needs. Olympic quick lock collars for the bar are also included, completely free of charge.

The Olympic Tricep Bar allows you to perform press and arm movements with an inward grip, and helps take a lot of pressure off your elbows/ shoulders and joints.

The Olympic Dumbbell Pair is perfect for free weight and arm exercises.

Utilise the EzCurl Bar for Bicep Curls, Skull crushers and more. The design of the bar again takes pressure off joints during exercise.

Package Includes:

  • 7ft Olympic bar 700lb
  • Olympic Tricep Bar
  • Olympic Dumbbell Pair
  • Olympic EZ Curl Bar
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SKU 17535
Barcode # 880928806683
Brand Armortech

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