Olympic Bars

We sell a range of quality bars, including Olympic, Hex trap, Olympic Swiss and Tricep Bars, as well accessories such as Spring Collars and Lock Collar Pairs. We offer our Best Price Guarantee (conditions apply) and various payment options including an interest free option. We also offer Australia wide shipping and usually dispatch the next day – for more information on our delivery see our delivery information.

If you would like advice on which bar is most appropriate for you, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Olympic Bar Spring Collars - Pair
67% OFF RRP $14.95
Olympic Quick Lock Collars Pair

Olympic Quick Lock Collars Pair

On Sale $19.95

60% OFF RRP $49.95
Armortech Aluminium Collars

Armortech Aluminium Collars


38% OFF RRP $79.95
Armortech 4ft Olympic Ez Curl Bar
22% OFF RRP $89.50
Olympic Tricep Bar

Olympic Tricep Bar


33% OFF RRP $119.95
Atec V2 Fat Axle Bar

Atec V2 Fat Axle Bar


Armortech 6ft Olympic Bar - Brass Bearing 500lbs
20% OFF RRP $149.00
Armortech Olympic Technique Bar

Armortech Olympic Technique Bar


35% OFF RRP $199.95
Armortech 7ft Olympic Bar - Brass Bearing 700lbs
38% OFF RRP $239.00
Atec V2 Aluminium Training Bar 15lbs OTB72
25% OFF RRP $199.00
BodyWorx 7ft Olympic Ball Bearing 700lb
21% OFF RRP $229.00
Armortech Hex Trap Bar

Armortech Hex Trap Bar

On Sale $219

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Olympic Swiss Bar

Olympic Swiss Bar


30% OFF RRP $329.00
Armortech V2 Strongman Log

Armortech V2 Strongman Log


29% OFF RRP $349.95
Armortech V2 Womens Full Black Zinc Competition Oly Bar 15kg 170KPSI 1501
40% OFF RRP $499.95
Atec 7Ft V2 Olympic Bright Zinc Bar 20kg 200KPSI - Performance Series 2002
42% OFF RRP $599.95
Armortech V2 Olympic Full Black Zinc Mens 20kg 216PSI
25% OFF RRP $599.95
Klokov Equipment 20kg Sport Bar

Klokov Equipment 20kg Sport Bar

On Sale $599

50% OFF RRP $1,199.00
Klokov Equipment Women's Olympic 15kg Bar
21% OFF RRP $969.00
Klokov Equipment Men's Olympic 20kg Bar

Klokov Equipment Men's Olympic 20kg Bar

On Sale $899

36% OFF RRP $1,399.00

Standard Weight Lifting Bar Vs Olympic Bar


In general, there are two main types of bars: standard and Olympic. Which one is most appropriate will vary depending on your budget and requirements. Standard bars are typically found in a lot of home gyms, and they suitable for most uses and cost less. However, they are also likely to bend permanently with use.

For the most dedicated users, the Olympic bars are far more suitable. They can support much higher weights without permanently bending and are generally built to a much higher quality.

For a detailed comparison on standard vs Olympic bars, check out this article.

It is also worth considering the bar strength, sleeve, whip and finish when looking for a bar for home or commercial use.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bar with neutral grip or for some variation in your routine, why not check out the Swiss bar. It is ideal for training if you’ve hit a plateau in the gym or if you suffer from any shoulder injuries.