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Bodyworx Black Bumpers 5kg - 25kg
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Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate Set 140kg

Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate Set 140kg

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Klokov "Big Boy" Full Bumper Plate Set 200kg

Klokov "Big Boy" Full Bumper Plate Set 2

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Klokov "Big Boy" SPORT Bumper Plate Set 220kg

Klokov "Big Boy" SPORT Bumper Plate Set

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What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are used for the “snatch” and the “clean and jerk” Olympic lifts. They are Olympic weightlifting plates that are made of thick, hard rubber that can be safely dropped without risk of damaging the plates, the lifting platform or the floor. Regular steel plates are much cheaper, but intended more for general strength training, while bumper plates (otherwise known as bumpers) are designed for the Olympic lifts.

Bumpers are ideal for these lifts, due to a few features:

Bounce – Bumpers are designed to dampen the impact when dropped, and ‘bounce’. This protects the plate, the bar and the floor from damage when dropped after a lift. Bumpers are solid rubber weights, not iron coated with rubber, except for a steel collar in the middle.

Uniform diameter – unlike steel plates, bumpers are designed to have the same diameter, regardless of the weight. This means that all plates on a bar generally hit the floor at the same time, spreading the weight.

Steel Hub – bumper plates generally have a steel centre hub or collar, to ensure the plate doesn’t detach from the bar when dropped.

Competition bumpers are generally thinner with a heavier collar, allowing more plates to be loaded on to the bar. They are almost always colour coded, to quickly identify the weight. These are more expensive than standard bumpers, and generally not required for home use. There are also high bounce varieties available for greater floor protection.

Have a read of this article for more detailed information, or contact us and will discuss what is right for you.