The Rise in Popularity of Home Workouts and Gyms

Working out at home has undergone a major boom in popularity in recent years as the fitness industry has grown and the availability of online fitness classes and virtual PTs has exploded.

Home gyms and home fitness have been steadily on the rise for the last few years as professional quality fitness equipment has become more accessible to the average person. Treadmills and exercise bikes are no longer just for expensive clubs, there’s lots of choice for those who want to invest in their health but not a gym membership.

With lots of brands to choose from, a broad range of equipment readily available, online classes to guide workouts and a number of price points to choose from, at-home fitness is almost as easy as heading to the gym.

Research shows that an estimated 30% of all exercise equipment is purchased for the home gym as the trend for home workouts gathers speed. From smaller items like yoga mats and kettlebells to bigger investments like cross trainers and rowing machines for cardio and power cages and squat racks for strength, fitness fans no longer need to leave the house to get their sweat on. What’s more, it’s actually cheaper to stay at home, with six weeks of training with an online personal trainer costing less than the price one hour’s worth of coaching in person according to The Telegraph.

While this newfound love of home exercise is to be encouraged, it's also vital that anyone hoping to build their own home gym pays close attention to what they’re buying and whether they’ll actually use it.

Top Reasons to Work Out At Home

There are plenty of reasons why more and more of us are opting to work out at home:

Leave Behind Your Insecurities

Public gyms aren't always the most welcoming of places, and even those of us who think we're pretty confident could easily feel that confidence slipping when we hit the gym! Working out at home helps alleviate those insecurities, allowing you to focus on honing your fitness rather than worrying about what others are thinking of you.

Fitness Mag reports that a shocking 65% of females avoid going to the gym due to anxiety about being judged, but as the fitness movement gathers pace and pilates, yoga, HIIT, zumba and weigh training classes all go online, the ability to invest in a few pieces of kit for the home and then work out without feeling self-conscious, awkward or worried about not being fit enough alleviates that burden.

Avoid Pricey Gym Membership

Working out a gym rarely comes cheap. A study from the UK found that an astonishing 61% of women are choosing to work out at home, compared to just 21% who regularly go to a gym because membership of a fitness club is considered to be too expensive.

Some of the most popular methods of working out for British women according to the survey included following a workout DVD, running, YouTube videos and working out with gym kit bought for the home. This particular study found that some of those surveyed were so eager to skip gym membership they even created their own makeshift gym experience, such as running up and down the stairs and using tins of beans as weights. This helps prove that whether choosing to invest in home workout kit or taking a more unconventional approach, both can be a fantastic way to avoid the ongoing expense of visiting a gym.

No More Fussy Gym Clothes

Working out at home means you can wear whatever you want – a massive step forward for anyone who's ever found themselves buying endless piles of trendy workout clothing. When you stay home, there's no need to waste cash on expensive gym clothes – just focus on getting fit and healthy in comfort.

Be Inspired

Organising your own workouts requires a little more creativity – not to mention discipline – that just popping to the gym a couple of times a week. The fact you're working out at the gym does not necessarily mean you're using the equipment properly or getting the best results from the kit which is available. For those who prefer not to simply go through the motions, working out at home can be a massively empowering and inspiring experience.

Health at Every Age

Investing in home gym equipment means there's no need to slow down on your fitness goals as the years go by. With home gyms catering to all walks of life and ability levels, there's a way to customise the experience for you.

Extra Convenience

There are days when heading to the gym feels like a monumental task. This is where working out at home provides infinite possibilities to never skip another workout again, saving you time and slotting a fitness regime into increasingly busy lives. By choosing a few key pieces of home workout equipment, it's now possible to replicate the gym experience at home, giving the convenience to work out around other commitments rather than struggling to get to the gym in time for a particular class or before it closes.

Home Gym or Home Exercise?

The different pieces of gym equipment for use at home vary wildly, depending on your chosen exercise regimen and the methods which work for you. Some may even choose to forego lots of gym kit entirely and focus on exercises like yoga or pilates, which require fewer additional items than weight-bearing and strengthening exercises. When selecting gym equipment for use at home, there are a few ways to make sure you get the most of out of them:

Look for Longevity

Buying cheaper, flimsier home gym kit can turn out to be a false economy as most items will need replacing long before you might expect. Consider your home gym kit as an investment so you get the most out of it and are more likely to continue using it.

Decide Your Workout Regimen

Knowing how you want to work out is the perfect way to make sure you get the most from your investment. Lots of home gyms allow for a wide range of different movements and exercises, so you'll soon be on the way to greater health and fitness. This also means you can mix up your workouts just as you would at a regular gym.

Consider Your Space

Do you have room for a full at-home gym, or do you need equipment which folds away easily for safe and convenient storage? This growing market means there are limitless possibilities for creating the home gym of your dreams – you just need to be aware of a few practical considerations.

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