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Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is like a body pillow but firmer and either rectangular or circular in shape. It's main purpose is to create relaxation, help soften a posture, or aid in opening the body. A bolster is commonly used in prenatal, restorative, and Iyengar based classes.

The yoga bolster supports the yogi's body in deep relaxation, allowing the muscles to passively relax; and in seated or reclining postures, it eases the strain and allows the yogi to go deeper in the pose. A bolster can also be used to support the spine and promote lung expansion during pranayama.

Here are a few examples of how yoga bolsters can be used in various asanas:

  • In savasana (corpse pose), the bolster is placed under the knees to ease lower back strain.
  • In balasana (child's pose), the bolster is placed between the legs so that when the body folds forward, it rests on the bolster.
  • In viparita karani (legs-up-the-wall pose), the bolster is placed under the hips, making the pose more restful.


  • Helps improve flexibility and balance
  • Provides support to joints and spine
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