5 Reasons why Crumb Bumpers are Better!

Armortech V2 Crumb Bumper Plates are a new generation of bumpers! But what makes these mysterious plates so special?

  • Extreme Durability

Our crumb bumpers are constructed from a dense virgin rubber. The manufacturing process includes; heating the rubber, mixing it with a polymer and pressing it into a plate mould, at a high temperature for a longer period of time than your standard bumpers. This process has dramatically improved the plate, to give you an extremely durable product that can withstand anything you throw at it.

  • Super Low Bounce

Another benefit of the bumpers density and composition is their extremely low bounce. This makes them a lot easier to control when dropping from overhead, and well suited to gyms or home applications where space is an issue. No one likes a traveling barbell and the crumb bumpers are the best solution yet.

  • Quieter Bumper Plates

The density of our crumb bumpers also makes them considerably quieter! If you’re using them at home or have a commercial location that receives noise complaints, you will be relieved to know these bumpers bounce less and make less noise! This makes for a safer and less noisy gym environment.

  • Anchored Collar

One of the invisible features on our bumpers is their anchored collar in the insert. The insert itself has al ‘fin’ welded to the insert which the rubber is then moulded around. This prevents loosening and cracking around the collar which extends the life of your plates and gives you a much more durable collar.

  • Prevents Damage to Barbell

Finally the crumb bumpers are kinder to your barbell! With less bounce and a higher density the bumpers absorb more shock and reduce whip on the barbell collars. This helps to protect the bearings and integrity of your barbell.

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