Free Weights vs. Weight Machines

Looking to pack on some muscle? How about rehab an injury? Are you new to exercise? Everyone is different and has different goals when it comes to fitness. Different goals mean different exercises and equipment. Some prefer free weights while others like machines. There is one place where you can find it all. Flex Fitness Equipment is the one-stop shop with everything you need. Whether you are looking to add a new weight machine to your home gym or some dumbbells, barbells and perhaps a power rack, Flex Fitness Equipment can help you. Not sure what equipment would be the best fit for you? That’s okay because we have you covered. Here is a breakdown of free weights versus weight machines:

Free Weights

Free weights are the old-fashioned muscle builder. They require balance and stability to perform exercises. If you are looking to target multiple muscle groups with an exercise, free weights are an excellent choice as they recruit more muscle fibers. Grab a barbell and perform some deadlifts or do some barbell squats and your full body will be feeling it. Free weights are more versatile as you can go through greater ranges of motion and studies show that they promote greater strength gains. While free weights can build muscle and hit the entire body, they do require a solid fitness base. If you are a beginner, free weights might not be the proper choice as they require the participant to have some balance and stability, especially in the core region. Free weights can also require a spotter if you’re lifting a heavier weight. To view our range of free weight selections you can browse our Olympic Weights or Standard Weights

Weight Machines

Weight machines are great for isolating certain muscles. Whether you are looking to isolate your hamstrings, biceps or some other muscle, there is always a machine that can do that. They are also very safe. If you are a beginner or rehabbing an injury, weight machines control the range of motion to ensure safety. Working out alone? Without a spotter it might not be the wisest idea to work out with free weights. Weight machines would be a better choice.


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