Why walking specific shoes are crucial

When it comes to our daily activities especially walking we aren’t always mindful of the shoes we
wear. Deepening on the occasion or our daily routine we can wear anything from thongs, to high
heels, and even a pair of old sneakers.

To be able to choose the most effective footwear when you’re considering walking for fitness you
need to take into consideration the need for correct walking posture.
Everyone’s foot is different, and there are instances where just the cheap throw away sneakers will
just not do. Correct fitting shoes that are fitted by a professional are the key to being able to
continue your love for walking.

Whether you walk for fitness, for socialisation, are a seasoned pro or are looking to embark on a
new fitness regime make sure your shoes are tailored to your foots structure.

Walking VS. Running Shoes

When you start looking into to purchasing new shoes for walking, you may think that running shoes
are a perfectly good option to wear. For the short term they are, but there are some key
fundamental differences between walking and running shoes that help prevent stress of your feet
and legs.

The main differences between running and walking shoes are their construction. Walking shoes have
a greater mid sole cushioning, flex and support zones. When looking at running versus walking the
different foot mechanics required is what is considered in shoe design.
When you walk as your main means of aerobic exercise, your heel tends to strike the ground first
and you require a neutral stance midfoot v your foot rolls into the toe-off position.
A running shoe will typically have more cushioning in the forefoot section as you require more
flexibility in the toe-off phase. Walking shoes also tend to be wider and offer a rocking style shape to
help with the movement.

Why You Need The Right Shoe.

The proper shoes main function is to prevent injury and increase comfort. Without proper shoes
there is more than just injuries to your feet you need to worry about. Incorrect fitting shoes can also
affect the alignment of your body when it moves therefore affecting your overall posture.
If the shoes you purchase don’t have the correct support for your body type, as well as miss
alignment you can end up with issues such as arch collapse, foot rotations and lower back pain cause
by incorrect movement and body rotation.
The right shoe can make walking feel easier. It can help you improve your posture due to correct
movement mechanics therefore reducing pain in the long run.

What to Consider When Shopping.

So you are ready to purchase a pair of walking shoes? Well before you jump in with two feet (pun
intended) you need to think about the process and treat it like you would when purchase a pair of
running shoes.

You will want to make sure you visit a specialty store that is trained in fitting customers to the
correct pair of shoes based on their activity and their foot mechanics.

It is very important to be fitted with the correct width and size. This will aid in the comfort and the
injury prevention. You should make sure when seeking the assistance of your local specialty shoe
tore you discuss in length your activity you have planned. It is also a good idea to take a pair of old
shoes with you so they can examine the wear.
Make sure you also discuss any injuries, so that when they select the best shoe for you, they can
help minimise exacerbating the injuries.

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