Cast Iron Kettlebell 4kg - 16kg

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Cast Iron Kettlebell 4kg Cast Iron Kettlebell 4kg
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Cast Iron Kettlebell 8kg Cast Iron Kettlebell 8kg
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Cast Iron Kettlebell 12kg Cast Iron Kettlebell 12kg
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Cast Iron Kettlebell 16kg Cast Iron Kettlebell 16kg

Cast Iron Kettlebell 4kg - 16kg

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Work a complete range of muscles 
Develop & improve muscle functionality
Lose weight, tone up, improve fitness

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One-Piece cast iron construction
Eco-Coat for a professional finish
Suitable for home and commercial use

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Classic rugged design
Smooth handles for effective workouts
Weight embossed on the front in kg's

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Extra and Options

Sold as singles, from 4-32kg's
Storage options available
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Kettlebell training has taken the fitness world by storm. In just a few years, there are now thousands of people in Australia that are benefiting from the benefits of kettlebells. In addition, to everyday men and women, many athletes from a variety of sports now use kettlebells in their programs.

Kettlebells look like shot putts with a handle and have been used in training the Russian army for centuries. They work a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. There are cardiovascular benefits also.

Through a series of complex body movements, the kettlebell provides a most comprehensive workout, effective in developing and improving muscle functionality, balance, coordination, strength and power. There is no better way to burn fat than with a few high rep sets of kettlebell swings, snatches and clean and jerks. These killer ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work. The harder you work the more calories you burn. This is why sprinters are ripped to shreds and marathon runners have a skinny-fat look.

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