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Bodyworx Black Bumpers 5kg - 25kg
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Armortech Olympic Dumbbells Pair

Armortech Olympic Dumbbells Pair

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Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate Set 140kg

Klokov Equipment Bumper Plate Set 140kg

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Klokov "Big Boy" Full Bumper Plate Set 200kg

Klokov "Big Boy" Full Bumper Plate Set 2

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Klokov "Big Boy" SPORT Bumper Plate Set 220kg

Klokov "Big Boy" SPORT Bumper Plate Set

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Are Olympic Weights Right for You?


Choosing Between Olympic and Standard Weights

Olympic weights differ from standard weights in a number of attributes including the diameter of the holes (olympic bars use 2 inch holes compared to the standard 1 inch hole), the strength of the bar, the accuracy of the weights, the stability and the rack compatibility. Some racks are built to take a 7ft olympic bar but unsuited to take smaller 5 or 6 foot standard bars.

These differences mean there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing olympic over standard weights. In short however, olympic weights are more expensive but for good reason. Standard plates are cheaper, but can do the job just fine for many home gyms.


Free Weights vs Machines

The free weights vs machines debate goes way back. Some people choose to stick to one side of the debate, however we believe their are pros and cons to both. Why else, when you walk into any gym would you see both options available.

Both free weights and machines have their pros and cons. While free weights allow for more functional movements, exercise on machines are easier to perform and have better muscle isolation.

The bottom line is, choose what works for you and if you can mix it up. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert, both free weights and machines will have plenty to offer, so use both.


Benefits of Using Free Weights

This snippet is not about why free weights are better than machines, both have their pros and cons. However, there are specific benefits of using free weights over machines. To name just a few, free weights will activate more muscles, will have a bigger range of motion, provide functional movement, work the stabilizer muscles, can help you burn some a serious amount of calories (if you keep the intensity up), they are easy to store and have no limits (seriously, if you are prepared to do the research you can find an endless number of exercises to keep you motivated).