Excellence is in our core and we will make your core training more effective. Check out our conditioning equipment to boost your athletic performance.

Body conditioning exercises are immensely beneficial to your physical health and overall well-being. Your hardworking muscles need some oxygen to help you reach new heights and break new records. Flex Equipment is here to be your new favourite gym buddy because we can help you level up to the max!

Whether you want to incorporate more conditioning into your existing training or start from scratch, we have just the right equipment that will match your unique athlete's needs. 

We offer a range of body conditioning equipment to help you get a workout from the comfort of your home. Choose from various plyo boxes, bags, ropes and medicine balls to find your perfect recipe for success.

For those who want to combine strength and functionality, we offer premium equipment for quality Strongman training. We offer sleds, hammers, Strongman bars, yokes or club bells. If you decide to follow a Strongman program, we will help you build some steady foundations. 

Flex Equipment has a lot more to offer to improve your conditioning routine. We offer flexible payment methods and Australia-wide shipping. In most cases, your order will be dispatched the very next day. So better start planning because your equipment is on the way!


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