Multi Functional Trainers

We have a variety of different functional trainers and cable cross over machines, with all the features you could want for your home gym setup. We offer our Best Price Guarantee (conditions apply) and various payment options include an interest free option. We also offer Australia wide shipping and usually dispatch the next day – for more information on our delivery see our delivery information.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find the right machine to get the most out of your home gym.


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Benefits of Functional Trainer Machines

Functional trainers can be a perfect way to target specific muscles for strength training in a way that is safe and effective. These machines use cams and pulleys to target specific muscle groups, providing a great way of achieving the benefits of strength training. Here are a few of the advantages of using these sorts of machines:

Controlled path of motion – controlling the path of motion during training places the weight and pressure at the right point of the muscle for optimal results in a safe manner. It also assists the less experienced in getting the right technique in a safe way.

Resistance at the right point – Gaining muscle size and strength requires using external resistance to stimulate the contractile muscle elements responsible for muscle contraction (the actin and myosin protein filaments). This stimulation triggers the muscle to become capable of generating higher levels of force (i.e. greater strength). These machines are designed to apply this resistance to the right part of the muscle.

Metabolic Overload in a controlled manner – they provide the safest and most time-efficient means of creating a metabolic overload, which is one of the ways to trigger muscle growth. These machines allow users to bring their muscles repeatedly to this point in a safe way to stimulate strength and muscle growth.

Targeted training – these machines allow users to develop muscle definition in specific, targeted muscles groups.

These are just some of the advantages offered. If you would like more information, or assistance in understanding which is the best machine for you, we’d love to get in contact with you.


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Armortech Functional Trainer Range Comparison Table

F70 Max
Half rack
Functional trainer
Smith machine
Weight of machine 180kg 220kg 360kg 488kg 438kg
Functional trainer component
Weight stack Plate load, pegs Plate load, pegs Plastic, 68kg each side Steel, 100kg each side Steel, 100kg + plate load pegs (up to 200kg max), each side
Pulleys Aluminium Plastic Plastic Aluminium Aluminium
Loadable ft sleeve/peg space 21cm/21cm (each side) 21cm/21cm (each side) N/A N/A 100kg stack + 21cm/21cm (each side)
Smith machine component
Smith machine type Post rack Post rack Post rack Gun rack Gun rack
Smith bar weight 16kg 15kg 15kg 25kg 20kg
Smith bar diameter 25mm 28mm 28mm 28mm 32mm
Smith bar loadable sleeve space 30cm for oly 26cm for std (each side) 21cm oly or std (each side) 21cm oly or std (each side) 41.5cm oly plate only (each side) 39cm oly plate only (each side)
Smith bar max height & max rack 165cm/162cm 187cm/182cm 187cm/182cm 181cm/176cm 191cm/171cm
Half rack component
Half rack uprights 60x60mm 50x50mm 50x50mm 70x50mm 50x50mm
Multi grip pull up bar Steel, multigrip Foam curved Foam curved Steel, multigrip Steel, multigrip
Half rack max j-hook height 167cm 168.5cm 168.5cm 155cm 168.5cm
J-hook & spotter included
Plate storage 6x storage pegs 2x storage pegs 2x storage pegs 4x storage pegs 4x storage pegs
Bar storage 2x bar 1x bar holder 1x bar holder 2x bar holder 1x bar holder
Olympics or standard Both Both Both Olympics Olympics
Leg press plate
optional (for new batch)
Dip handles
Landmine attachment
Exercise chart
Assembled dimensions
Length 164cm 158cm 158cm 155cm 152cm
Width 198cm 188cm 188cm 220cm 220cm
Height 220cm 222cm 222cm 222cm 222cm