Exercise Bikes

Are you in the mood for a long, leisurely workout that will help you burn fat and improve your endurance? Or do you prefer high-intensity cardio workouts that really get your blood pumping? Get an exercise bike for your home and you can do both! 

Affordable Exercise Bikes for Your Home

At Flex Equipment, we have a wide selection of exercise bikes at a low price. You can choose from multiple payment methods, including the option to buy your bike now and pay later – without any interest. On top of that, we ship Australia-wide and most of our equipment comes with free shipping!


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How To Choose the Right Bike for You

How can you choose an exercise bike that’s perfect for you? First, think of the type of workouts you’d like to do. This piece of cardio equipment is good for both a high-intensity workout or a lengthy, calorie-burn workout while you watch your favourite movie. That’s the beauty of these machines – you can do your thing when you want, how you want.

Once you have your ideal fitness routine in mind, consider the type of exercise bike you need:

Upright Bikes

Upright exercise bikes are the perfect choice for mid-tier workouts. You can always increase or lower the intensity, but upright, stationary bikes are designed for people looking for comfortable yet moderately draining workouts.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are made for people who are looking for more intense cardio workouts. They are designed to mimic the riding position of real, on-road bikes, and you can easily reach the same intensity levels as if you were doing a spring or hill climb.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are the best option if you want to slowly ease into your fitness routine after a long pause or if you have pre-existing injuries. They have a bigger seat and backrest than upright or spin bikes, providing you with more support and a more comfortable workout.

Low Impact, High-Calorie Burn

Exercise bikes provide you with a rich calorie-burn workout that focuses on your lower body. They will help you slim down while defining your glutes, things, and calves. And because you are doing cardio, you are also improving the strength of your heart and lungs and enhancing your overall endurance.

On top of that, most bike workouts are low impact, so they don’t put a lot of stress on your ankles, knees, hips, or back, making them an excellent cardio machine if you need to take special care of your joints but still want to work on achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Other Cardio Equipment for a Full Workout

Exercise bikes are excellent if you are looking for a workout routine that burns fat and focuses on your lower body. And you can buy cheap exercise bikes right here at Flex Equipment.  But why stop there? Check out our collection of affordable cardio machines for your home and raise your fitness goals.

Take a look at how our delivery process works and start your fitness journey today!