Flat Benches

We sell a great range of quality flat benches, suitable for home, professional or competitive use. Flat benches are made of heavy-duty steel to endure the toughest workouts. We have commercial  FFITTECH benches. If you are looking for a weight bench for a home gym, Armortech has a piece of excellent fitness equipment available in our online store.

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Exercising with a flat bench

A flat bench is nothing more than a padded bench supported by a strong steel frame. However, it’s also an extremely useful piece of equipment in the gym. With some free weights, a flat bench can be used to target almost all of the major muscle groups.

Chest Exercises

There are a few different ways to target your chest muscles on a flat bench. If you have a barbell and plates, bench presses are extremely effective. Make sure you do some research into the proper technique. Chest presses and flys using dumbbells are also effective on a flat bench. Lastly, the humble pushup is a great way to work your chest muscles. You can work your chest muscles in two different ways: placing your hands on the bench and your feet on the floor will target the lower part of the pectoral and chest muscles; placing your feet on the bench and your hands on the floor will target the upper part of the muscles.


The triceps are the muscles on the upper part of the back of your arms. Try close grip bench pressing to target the triceps by performing a regular bench press with your hands much closer together. Alternatively, if you don’t have a barbell, try doing dips on the bench by standing with your back to the bench and resting your hands on the edge. Lower and lift your body by bending your arms at your elbows.


Use the bench to do step-ups and target the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.  Holding dumbbells in your hands will increase the effectiveness if you can manage it, but make sure you keep your knees straight as you step. Side steps make an interesting variation to this, working the hip abductor muscles and sides of your backside.

These are just a few of the different ways to use a flat bench, and there are additional exercises targeting your abs and back. Feel free to get in contact with us and we’d love to guide you through the best way to use a bench in your workouts.