Armortech F40 Pro Multi Functional Trainer

The Armortech F40 Pro is a great all in one complete home gym, packed in a compact footprint. The F40 Pro comes with a number of components that make up this unit: a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer and a Half Rack - all in one machine!

The F40 Pro is the big brother of the F30, it's still the same great machine but comes with 150lbs plastic weights stacks on each side, taking the stress out of weight adjustment. 
A simple quick and easy pin allows you to change the weight with ease and perform supersets and dropsets quicker, without resting too long in between sets.

The F40 Pro, comes with Dip Handles, Landmine Attachment and a Connection Bar for Functional Trainer component.

Please note: No cable attachments come with the F40.
You can buy an optional Armortech Attachment Kit that's a perfect fit, for the F40 Functional Trainer.


This Functional Trainer comes with some amazing features, we’re sure you will be impressed.

  • Barbell J-Hooks & Spotters with Pop-Pin System & Magnet Lock, for Easy Adjustments!
  • Heavy Duty Construction, 360kg Frame
  • Heavy Duty Cable and Pulleys
  • Removable Sleeves on Smith Machine & Storage, to suit both Standard and Olympic plates
  • Assembled dimensions (LxWxH):
    Length: 158cm
    Width: 188cm
    Height: 222cm

Smith Machine Specifications

  • Easily Adjustable Safety Catches for Smith Machine Exercises
  • Smith Machine Bar: Weight; 15kg
  • Smith Machine Bar: Diameter; 28mm
  • Smith Machine Highest Point ie: for squats: 182cm to rack / (Max height it allows to go to 187cm)
  • Smith Machine Safety Catches: Included
  • Smith Machine Accepts both Olympic and Standard plates
  • Smith Machine Loadable Sleeve Space: (Olympic or Standard: 21cm) on each side

Half Rack Component

  • Front Post Uprights: 50x50mm
  • Laser Cut Numbering and Holes
  • Half Rack Highest Point ie: for squats to rack bar: 168.5cm
  • Multi Grip Pull Up Bar – Foam Curved
  • J-Hooks Included, with magnet lock
  • Safety Spotters Included, with magnet lock

Functional Trainer Component

  • Easily Adjustable Functional Trainer with Pop-Pin
  • Plastic Pulleys with Heavy Duty Cables
  • 150lbs Plastic Weight Stack on each side


  • Weight Plate Storage: Yes, 2x Pegs for Weight Storage
  • Bar Storage: Yes, accepts 1x Olympic or Standard Bar
  • This item is oversize/ bulky and ships separately. It cannot be sent using an express courier.

Extras & Options

SKU 10961
Barcode # 880923312639
Brand Armortech
Shipping Weight 370.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.300m
Shipping Height 0.800m
Shipping Length 2.200m
Shipping Cubic 2.288000000m3
Assembled Length 1.580m
Assembled Height 2.220m
Assembled Width 1.880m

Armortech Functional Trainer Range Comparison Table

F70 Max
Half rack
Functional trainer
Smith machine
Weight of machine 180kg 220kg 360kg 488kg 438kg
Functional trainer component
Weight stack Plate load, pegs Plate load, pegs Plastic, 68kg each side Steel, 100kg each side Steel, 100kg + plate load pegs (up to 200kg max), each side
Pulleys Aluminium Plastic Plastic Aluminium Aluminium
Loadable ft sleeve/peg space 21cm/21cm (each side) 21cm/21cm (each side) N/A N/A 100kg stack + 21cm/21cm (each side)
Smith machine component
Smith machine type Post rack Post rack Post rack Gun rack Gun rack
Smith bar weight 16kg 15kg 15kg 25kg 20kg
Smith bar diameter 25mm 28mm 28mm 28mm 32mm
Smith bar loadable sleeve space 30cm for oly 26cm for std (each side) 21cm oly or std (each side) 21cm oly or std (each side) 41.5cm oly plate only (each side) 39cm oly plate only (each side)
Smith bar max height & max rack 165cm/162cm 187cm/182cm 187cm/182cm 181cm/176cm 191cm/171cm
Half rack component
Half rack uprights 60x60mm 50x50mm 50x50mm 70x50mm 50x50mm
Multi grip pull up bar Steel, multigrip Foam curved Foam curved Steel, multigrip Steel, multigrip
Half rack max j-hook height 167cm 168.5cm 168.5cm 155cm 168.5cm
J-hook & spotter included
Plate storage 6x storage pegs 2x storage pegs 2x storage pegs 4x storage pegs 4x storage pegs
Bar storage 2x bar 1x bar holder 1x bar holder 2x bar holder 1x bar holder
Olympics or standard Both Both Both Olympics Olympics
Leg press plate
optional (for new batch)
Dip handles
Landmine attachment
Exercise chart
Assembled dimensions
Length 164cm 158cm 158cm 155cm 152cm
Width 198cm 188cm 188cm 220cm 220cm
Height 220cm 222cm 222cm 222cm 222cm

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