Smith Machines

Smith machines are a great addition to any gym. These machines have all you need for a complete work out of your chest, back and arms, combined with the peace of mind of knowing you don’t need a spotter to push yourself and get the most out of a complete full body workout.

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Benefits of a Smith Machine

Smith Machines come with a multitude of benefits and can replace many types of exercise equipment. They are particularly helpful for people looking to train from home without a lot of big bulky machines taking over their house and living areas. Here are a few of the benefits of a Smith Machine.

All in one upper body machine – Smith Machines will generally come with an adjustable bench, lateral pull-down attachments, and a back row attachment, with a cable crossover as a bonus. As mentioned, this machine can replace a number of other more bulky equipment, saving time, money and space without missing function or results.

Support for squatting – squatting can help build great toned legs and improve your fitness and overall strength. The mechanics of a Smith Machine allow you to move a barbell attached to two guide poles using a linear bearing system. When you squat the barbell moves up and down the guide poles to ensure the barbell and your body remain in a straight up and down movement, without twisting or bending. This added support allows you to use a stable movement, reducing pressure on your knees, back and joints.

Rack the bar at any stage

Building muscle is most effective when you safely push your muscle to maximum effort, creating micro tears in the muscle. When you rest, the body builds extra muscle fibres to rebuild the tears, making your muscles larger and stronger. Pushing your muscles like this, however, can cause injury, particularly if you’re underneath a heavy bar or weight. The Smith Machine allows you to repeatedly push your muscles to this point, in a way that is safe and effective, but make it safe and easy to rack the bar at any point. This will allow you to train your muscles safely at home without someone else to spot you.


Overall, Smith Machines are great investments, providing a safe and effective way to build muscle size, tone and strength at home. Check out this great video for some ways to use a Smith Machine.