Angry Calf Gym Towel

The Angry Calf team challenged themselves to design the perfect towel to meet the needs of a very different gym environment as gyms start to re-open.

The idea was simple, how do we keep our fit fam & gyms safe and hygienic this new world? The answer? An all in one Gym Towel with Hand Sanitiser attachment to ensure that you can keep yourself and your gym equipment as safe and clean as possible throughout your workout routine!

  • 120cm in Length & 50cm in width which makes them long & wide enough to cover almost all gym benches.
  • We specially designed a hood on our gym towels to hang over the end of your bench to ensure that you can avoid those annoying moments when your towel slides off!
  • In an environment where hygiene is absolutely paramount, we wanted to create a unique feature to our towels so we had a small loop sewed into the the design that doubles as hanger for your gym locker as well as an attachment point for our Angry Calf Workout Hand Sanitiser!
  • All Angry Calf Gym Towels come with a 3pk of our Angry Calf Hand Sanitisers and an easily changeable attachment to switch out your bottles as needed.
  • Gym Towel Composition: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon
  • Gym Towel Dimensions: 120cm x 50cm

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