F45 Canning Vale


A boutique functional training facility, the F45 Canning Vale studio began operating mid-2017, as part of the global F45 franchise. The gym offers members a group training experience which merges three separate leading-edge fitness training styles: High-Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training and Functional Training.

Members participate in 27 unique 45 minute workout experiences combining cardio and resistance techniques. F45 Canning Vale employs around 10 people, specialising in fitness, weight loss, strength and Functional fitness, and caters for all levels of fitness, from beginners to professional athletes. To achieve a quality fitout Flex supplied the gear below.

Flex was commissioned to design and install the CrossFit facilities at the gym’s Canning Vale premises.



In collaboration with F45 Canningvale, Flex worked from design through to delivery in less then 1 week.

f45 fitness 1
f45 fitness 2