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Exercise Bikes - A Beginners Guide

Exercise bikes are one of the most common pieces of exercise equipment for both home and commercial gyms. They are also one of the most accessible machines - easy to use, gentle on the joints and are very effective.  This makes them one of the easiest and best ways for beginners to get into shape. Exercise bikes are ideal for cardio, good for the heart and great for weight loss. Studies have shown that exercise bikes can reduce fatigue, improve mood and increase energy levels. Because it is a low impact form of exercise, they are great for anyone with joint problems. This makes them great for both for those just starting the exercise journey as well as anyone recovering from injury.  For beginners looking to get fit, focus on exercising for longer, rather than harder. This will help you build cardiovascular stamina and endurance and when you are ready, you can move to more intense sessions.

There are a couple of different workouts that are particularly effective:

  1. Interval training – This involves alternating between low and high intensity workouts and is perfect for beginners. The low-intensity portion gives extra time for rest while the high-intensity portion burns the right amount of calories. Interval training has been shown to burn more calories than riding at a consistent speed. You will also challenge your lungs and heart. Begin with a low-intensity warm up to loosen your muscles then go into a 20 second sprint, pedalling as hard as you can. Then go slowly for 10 seconds and then sprint for another 20. Repeat this 8 – 10 times.

  2.  Fat burner – For a more challenging workout, after your warm up, cycle at 95% of your full effort for 90 seconds. Follow this with a 90 second recovery cycling at 40% or your full effort. Then perform 60 second and 30 second intervals. At the last 30 second recovery period, cycle at 70% of your full effort for 4 minutes. Repeat the entire sequence and burn around 15 calories per minute!

  3. Drill – Why not incorporate challenging drills into your workout. You could try speed play where you complete random intervals, switching things up as you feel like. Aim for higher intensity sessions.

  4. Strength Training – Build and tone your muscles by increasing the resistance on the bike. You will feel like you are peddling uphill and slowing down but the resistance will make your leg and butt muscles work harder as you pedal. Or why not try doing bicep curls using dumbbells while you are pedalling.

While working out on the bike, make sure you are aware of your body and stop if needed and remember to try not to overdo it. It is recommended that you stand every 5 minutes and pedal as if climbing a hill for about 1 minute. This will help remove pressure from your lower back and your body will use different muscles. Experience the incredible benefits of cycling and enjoy!