60KG Olympic STARTER Package


Oly Rubber coated - Unbeatable price
Ezy grip handles - fast and easy to use
Use with multiple machines & workouts


Heavy duty rubber encased
Black plates with cast iron core
Designed for gym & home use


A Rated - Designed to last
Embossed with weight in kg's
Ezy Grip changing plates fast & easy

Extra and Options

Sold as singles
Storage options available
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Olympic Rubber Weight Package

The Armortech Olympic Rubber Coated Plate, designed for both professional & or home use, is a must for any gym. With a wide rim for ease of carry, the Amortech Olympic Rubber Coated 3 Holes Weight Plate are built of the finest materials and allow you to just focus on adding more to your bar. The Tri Grip plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier. The rubber coating provides a more aesthetic finish than plain or painted cast iron finishes. The rubber coating also protects against rust and reduces noise of discs "clanking" against each other - rubber also protects floor coverings.
The package includes a 7ft Olympic Barbell and 40KG of Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Plates, which are great as the rubber coating protects the weight plates from rusting

Package Includes:

  • 2 x 10KG Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Plates
  • 2 x 5KG Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Plates
  • 2 x 2.5KG Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Plates
  • 4 x 1.25KG Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Plates
  • 1 x 7ft Olympic Barbell


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