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Iron Kettlebell 10-16-20kg Set

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Kettlebells really do have a long history in strength and equipment training, and can be incredibly effective in building strength and conditioning training. Examples of kettlebells date back to 17th century rural Russia and their effectiveness has been well studied and researched over many years. There are a stack of examples of ways to use kettlebells, including deadlifts, swings, kettlebell cleans, kettlebell snatches, windmills, overhead squats, renegade rows and military presses.


What makes kettlebells effective?

Kettlebells aren’t the only thing you’ll need, but they can be a very effective way to train in combination with other equipment and techniques. Kettlebells are typically used in repetitive type exercises, where repetitions will help develop muscle endurance. Combined with a good diet, using kettlebells is a great way to burn fat. Kettlebells can be great at building full body strength and endurance, and are increasingly being recommended by chiropractors with their patients.  


Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells

Generally, most exercises you can do with kettlebells you can also do with a dumbbell. In fact, dumbbells are generally easier to handle; however, the extra effort you’ll need to handle kettlebells is worth the time and energy. The thicker handle will help build a stronger grip, while the off centre weight of a kettlebell will force you to use your core stabilizer muscles more.

There are plenty of ways to use kettlebells, and they are a great and effective investment into your health and fitness training. They’re an ideal way to build strength, condition your body and help mental discipline. Need more information?  Get in contact and we’d love to help.