How to choose a bench press

The bench press is one of the best exercises you can do in a gym. If you want to increase your upper body strength, start incorporating the bench press into your program. It’s a compound exercise, hitting not only the pectoralis major but also the anterior deltoid, triceps and core muscles. What if you don’t want to go to the gym to workout though? Luckily, Flex Fitness Equipment has you covered with all your bench pressing needs and more. We have a variety of bench presses available in our inventory that are affordable and durable, allowing you to pump iron for years without any problems. Here are some things to look for when you’re purchasing your brand new bench press:


The standard flat bench press is very common in gyms and is very useful. However, having a bench press that is versatile is a good benefit. Being able to move the bench to different heights allows you to perform other exercises including the incline bench press and decline bench press. This targets different muscle fibers and allows you to get a nice full shape in your chest. Also, no one is the same and that’s certainly true for arm length. Some bench presses have adjustable arms for where the bar sets. This allows you to not only feel comfortable and lift more weight, but it significantly reduces the risk of injury.


Have you ever sat down on a bench and your shoulder blades don’t fit? That’s because the bench isn’t wide enough, causing an uncomfortable feeling and probably holding you back from bench pressing at your best. Before you purchase a bench press, test it out to make sure your shoulder blades fit and it’s comfortable. Also make sure that your feet are able to touch the floor. If you are unable to touch the floor, you will not reach your maximum potential.


Some bench presses have accessories as well. Preacher curl, leg extension and lat attachments are some options that certain bench presses have. Getting a full body workout in with just your bench press is very beneficial and at the same time doesn’t take up much space in your home gym.

Need a barbell and some weights? Flex Fitness Equipment has a wide array of bars and weights to choose from. These will look great with your new bench press and allow you to be pushing up more weight than you could have previously never imagined.


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