How You Can Achieve Your Fitness Goals by Working Out from Home

There has never been a better time to get fit than today. So if you think that your quest for fitness is being hampered by your busy lifestyle and responsibilities and they are preventing you from going to the gym, there is no need to worry. The alternative to going to the gym, working out at home, can be as good, if not better.

Why should you work out at home?

  • No excuses: Raining outside? Too cold? Too hot? Some other excuses? Well, they won’t really work if you have a gym in your home, as the maximum distance you would have to cover is probably going to be the stairs in your house! So once the excuses are taken care of, it will be much easier for you to focus on your fitness and the results will be faster and more effective.
  • Quickly replenish on nutrients: Get the right nutrition, and on time! It is common knowledge amongst the fitness fanatics that the post-workout meal needs to be consumed within 30 min after the workout. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the commuting time and preparation of the post-workout meal, as you’ll be going from your home gym to your kitchen in under a minute!
  • Little to no cost: You do not need to pay a sign up fee and there are no monthly costs involved. There is only one-time cost of the equipment required for the home workout and that’s it, no monthly costs after that. For home workouts, you do not need all the equipment available at the gym (unless you’re training for the Arnold classic of course), you need to set your goals and purchase the equipment required to fulfil your goals.

Setting Up The Training Environment

When people hear the word ‘home gym’, the first thoughts which come to the mind are a huge expenditure of money, a ton of space and a dedicated room required, and more knowledge to set it up than you already possess. But setting up a home gym is more affordable than you think. We have compiled a list of some basic home workout equipment, which should be enough to cover your fitness needs and will not cost you a ton of money.

  • Treadmill: If you are just starting out on your fitness journey or just maintaining your hard-earned fit body, the treadmill does not discriminate. You can walk slowly on the treadmill if you are a beginner, you can jog if you’ve been working out for some time and have built your stamina, and finally, you can go all out by running and doing aerobic exercises when you are ready – all on the same treadmill.
  • Stationary bike: A great tool for burning those calories and toning your legs, a stationary bike has an added advantage of occupying very little space. Therefore, it is more suitable for people with limited space, and it is also light on the cost side.
  • Jump rope: If you can somehow disassociate the jumping rope with schoolgirls, you will come to know it is one of the best ways to kill those calories! Apart from burning calories, the jumping rope is also very effective on those lower leg muscles, and also improves your balance and coordination.
  • Training resistance bands: A rather recent entry in the fitness world, training resistance bands and strap systems have proven to be very effective and efficient methods of achieving fitness goals. Like the treadmill, a resistance band is suitable for the amateur and the professional alike, as you can apply as much resistance as you want. This makes the resistance one of the most versatile equipment to achieve your fitness goals. They are not expensive, and require virtually almost no space and can be used anywhere.
  • Dumbbells: A set of dumbbells gives you the freedom of working out any muscle group of your body. You can build muscle mass with them, or tone your body. This makes them must-have equipment for any person looking to get fit.

What to do when it hurts?

One thing that you can combine with your home workout routine very easily is a good massage. A nice way to relax after a tough workout is a nice juicy, delicious massage. Through massages, you can help your muscles recover and keep your body relaxed.

Muscle pain is a normal thing when you are a beginner or haven’t done much training in a while. Sometimes it’s due to not enough warm-up or lack of proper stretching, while sometimes it’s about workout schedule not being planned out well. A good massage after an intense training session can help a lot. We listed some benefits below:

  • Helps relieve pain: As mentioned above, you often develop soreness in your muscles after an intense workout, especially if you are just starting to get into a fitness routine or have stepped up a level of difficulty. It is not a good thing to ignore this soreness as sometimes it can lead to serious injury if left untreated. One good way to get rid of this soreness is through a good massage.
  • Increases recovery speed: Compared to the recovery time from a regular rest, a massage can decrease the time taken to recover to almost half due to the improved flow of blood and nutrition to the body. This increases the efficiency of your workouts as it restores your original range of motion by unlocking your muscles.
  • Releases muscle tension: Muscle tension is created after a good and intense workout session which cause tightening of your muscles, and this can be treated by a post-workout massage.
  • Relaxation: A massage is not always meant for recovery – sometimes you can even use it as a reward to yourself for putting in the hard work day in day out in your workouts, and can act as a motivating factor to keep on this hard work. Relaxation also leads to a better quality of sleep.


Working out from home eliminates the room for excuses, and can be managed in even the toughest of routines and smallest of spaces. A good intense workout is nicely complemented by a good relaxing massage and combined they can get you closer to your fitness goals in no time.



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