Cross Trainer vs. Treadmill

Are you in the market for a new cardio machine to put in your home gym? Flex Fitness Equipment has a wide variety of machines ranging from treadmills to cross trainers to stationary bikes and more. Best of all is they come with an affordable price tag and are high quality products. To make your decision easier, here is a breakdown of two cardio machines – treadmills and cross trainers:

Cross Trainer



Hits the full body

Takes longer to burn calories making it more inefficient


Cardio and muscle-building exercise


No impact has no benefits on increasing bone strength



Can adjust resistance for more or less of a challenge


No impact is especially helpful with conditions such as osteoporosis, knee pain and obesity



Some feel safer with handles to hold on to






Burns the most calories of any cardio machine making it more efficient

Impact exercise can cause problems among people with conditions such as osteoporosis, lower body joint  and back pain and obesity


Impact exercise increases bone strength

Not a full body muscle-building exercise



Can adjust the incline or speed to vary the intensity of your workout


Difficult for those with balance/mobility problems

Has built-in programs such as hill workouts, interval training and heart rate training to give you a variety of options




There is no one-size-fits-all machine on the market. Everyone differs from body type to time they like to work out to what goals they’re trying to achieve. Both the cross trainer and treadmill provide a great workout and can fit into your home gym. At Flex Fitness Equipment, we have the top brands on the market, ensuring you get the best products out there. Whether you purchase a cross trainer or treadmill, making that step of purchasing one is a positive step in living a healthy lifestyle.


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