The Right Cardio Machine for You

Don’t like going to the gym but want to get a good cardio workout in the confines of your home? Flex Fitness Equipment can help you out! We have high-quality cardiovascular equipment ranging from treadmills and bikes to rowers and cross trainers and much more! And best of all are the great prices! So if you’re in the market for a new piece of cardio equipment, which one is best for you?


The treadmill is the most common cardio machine and you can burn around 100 calories per mile. Walk or run. It’s up to you. Want a little more of a challenge? Increase the incline to mimic going up hills and feel an even better burn. Treadmills are a great calorie-burning machine and not only improve your cardiovascular health but also provide weight-bearing exercise to strengthen your bones and muscles. Treadmills aren’t for everyone though, especially people who experience pain from impact.


If you experience pain from impact, the stationary bike might be the machine for you. This has the least impact of all cardio machines but can provide a great calorie-burning workout and create a strong lower half of the body. One thing to keep in mind is getting your seat adjusted to the right position. Many people struggle with this and it can result in injury if it’s not adjusted correctly. One knee should be flexed about 5-to-10 degrees at the bottom of your revolution with the bottom of the foot parallel with the floor. Want to make it a hilly workout? Adjust the resistance and you’ll feel like your climbing the French Alps in the Tour de France.

Cross Trainers

If you’re looking for a full-body workout but want an alternative to the treadmill, a cross trainer could be a great fit. You get a full body calorie burn using all your muscles without the impact on your joints. You can adjust the resistance to your liking to increase or decrease the intensity.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a more advanced cardio machine and definitely hits the entire body. Pushing with your legs and pulling with your arms provides strengthens all your muscles and creates a strong core. This machine does require coordination and may not be the right choice for beginning exercisers or overweight users.

Crank up the Intensity

Interval training is a great fat-burning method on cardio machines and you can get a full workout in a fraction of the time. Instead of doing a steady, moderate pace the entire time, add some intervals where you alternate between high-intensity work and rest. Start with 15 seconds of high-intensity exercise and rest for 45 seconds. Perform this a few times. Gradually increase the work interval and cut down on the rest to make it more challenging.


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