Treadmill Maintenance Guide

Looking to get back into shape and add a treadmill to your home gym? Flex Fitness Equipment has a wide selection of treadmills that are both high quality and affordable. Ranging from high-quality brands such as FFittech, GO30 and Strength Master, we have just what you are looking for. Once you buy a treadmill though, it is important to take care of it so that it lasts a long time. While these brands provide some of the most durable equipment, they do need regular maintenance. Before we begin with maintenance steps, when setting up your treadmill make sure it is on a level surface with some sort of mat underneath. This will help it maintain alignment and provide some shock absorption. Now, here are some steps to ensure your treadmill maintains a high standard of operation:

Weekly Maintenance

Note:  Unless noted otherwise, unplug your treadmill before performing each maintenance step.

1.  Clean belt and surface

When you’re running on a treadmill, chances are you sweat a little bit and it may go on the belt making it slippery. Following each use, make sure to wipe up the sweat. Sweat can cause the machine to rust and bacteria can begin growing. Each week, with water and a light detergent clean the belt and surface. Do not use an oily substance because that may make it slippery and cause injury during use.

2.  Check the belt and vacuum

It is always important to check and see if the belt is aligned properly. Check for normal wear and tear and make sure that it has a center alignment. It is also important to vacuum around your treadmill. Dust accumulates and to ensure the dust does not build up in the motor, vacuum the surface of the treadmill and the area around it weekly. This is especially important if you own pets.


Monthly Maintenance

1.  Tighten the bolts

Through regular use, the bolts on your treadmill get loose from the constant vibration. Make sure you tighten them each month.

2.  Belt alignment

Alignment can also shift through regular use. Each month you may not have to realign the belt, but here are the steps to do that safely.  Locate the bolts for the belt at the rear of your treadmill. If you cannot find them, refer to your manufacturer’s manual. First, make sure the belt is centered. Next, turn the treadmill on to 8 km/hr. Turn the left screw clockwise by a ½ turn to move the belt right and turn the right screw clockwise by a ½ turn to move the belt left. Allow at least a minute for the belt to equalize before readjusting.

3.  Vacuum the motor

It is very important to vacuum the motor each month so dirt, dust and other particles do not build up. Remove the motor hood and vacuum the area. Be careful when vacuuming that you do not touch any electrical wires.

4.  Lubricate the belt

It is important to lubricate your treadmill’s belt each month, especially if your machine gets heavy use. Please refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the type of lubrication and where to apply the lubrication on the belt.

Lastly, with summer approaching you may want to start running outside and store your treadmill. Some treadmills fold up, while others don’t. First, wrap up all the electrical cords in plastic. Next, cover your treadmill with plastic as well so that dust does not accumulate. Lastly, store it in a dry area to ensure moisture does not cause damage.

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