5 Very Cool Side Effects of Exercise

5 Very Cool Side Effects of Exercise


There is usually a main motivator for the human race to exercise … to lose the body fat. This is great motivation, to feel confident at the beach, to impress your friends and sometimes even because we’ve been told it’s unhealthy to be overweight, we should exercise and we are doing as we are told. These 5 benefits of exercise you might not have considered before and may just give you the motivation to keep at it, do more or even give your clients the motivation to just turn up!


1. MAKE MORE MONEY Did you know that regular exercise can actually land you a better income? Studies show that people that exercise are more likely to make more money than those that don’t. How is that you might ask … Exercise makes you more confident. Exercise also enhances blood flow to the brain making you more productive, creative at problem solving and efficient making you more likely to get a better paying job, more likely of a promotion and more creative to stay ahead of your competitors in business.


2. BETTER RELATIONSHIPS Those who play together, stay together. The age old saying has been backed up by The Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. In their study they found that couples who exercise together had a closer and more intimate relationship.


3. BE SMARTER Exercise will keep your wits about you, longer. Regular exercise from your 20’s and 30’s will make your brain more likely to stay sharper, longer into your later years in life.


4. LOOK YOUNGER Want beautiful, young, radiant skin? The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine found that women in their 40’s who exercise at least 3 hours a week had similar skin composition to that of the 20 and 30 year old also tested.


5. EAT WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE Well, almost :) An hour of running has been shown to actually trigger the part of the brain that makes you look for / crave low calorie and healthier options to eat rather than their higher calorie counterparts. There are many more weird and wonderful benefits that have been studied and lots actually claim to create benefits in the bedroom but I’ll keep this G rated and you’ll have to search those on the internet yourselves. ;-)


So what do you think? Fact or Fiction??

We would love to know if you have experienced any of these or other unexpected benefits of exercise either here in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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