Crossfit Athlete Gracie Walton is a Rising Star!

Gracie Walton was always setting the bar high and today she is here to inspire us all with her unique fitness journey. Starting her CrossFit journey in only 2019, Gracie has worked her way up the ranks. She was competing in multiple local competitions an

She’s Beauty And She’s Grace. She’s Lifting All The Weights!

Gracie Walton was always setting the bar high and today she is here to inspire us all with her unique fitness journey.

Starting her CrossFit journey in only 2019, Gracie has worked her way up the ranks. She was competing in multiple local competitions and scored her first RX win at the 2022 RFX Summer Showdown in Perth. 

Hard Work is Always Rewarded

COVID-19 was most definitely a blessing in disguise for both Gracie and WA CrossFit community. 

Gracie who was living and working in London back then had a very cunning plan to go on the adventure of a lifetime and backpack through Europe. Well, life has another adventure for her, instead of a backpacking journey she went on a fitness journey.

Turns out Gracie is natural for a such dynamic and demanding activity as cross-fit. Growing up, she was always into gymnastics and cheerleading. But for her, squat cleans are her favourite. 

‘’Nothing beats the feeling of hitting a PB on the platform! ‘’

After winning the RFX Competition, Gracie also competed at the 2022 Torian Pro CrossFit competition in Brisbane.

Competing with top female athletes in Australia, Gracie finished the weekend ranked 15th overall. Soo many amazing accomplishments for such a short time, truly inspiring. We will definitely be cheering for this young athlete and we can’t wait to see! 

How to Train Like Gracie?

So if you waited for a sign from the sky to start training, this is it. The great news is that you don’t have to wait for another round of pandemics. Grace’s story taught us that when we have our goal set, we can make them happen and that it is never too late.

Of course, there is no cheat code for turning into an amazing athlete. But let’s say that we can back you up with the same equipment that helped Gracie reach new heights and raise the bar a bit more.

Armortech V2 Women's Competition Barbell

Talking about bars…

The Armortech V2 Women’s Competition Full Black Barbell is ideal for Olympic Weightlifting Competitions and CrossFit training. 

It is made from heat-treated sprung steel and it will definitely help you build a body of steel. Top quality barbell, at a very affordable price. 


  • Length of Bar: 6.6ft with zinc coating
  • 150k tensile strength, 1000 lb rating
  • 25 mm shaft diameter
  • Bushing design with snap rings
  • Dual knurl markings for Powerlifting

Armortech 140KG Competition Bumpers - Full Set

Armortech V2 Competition Bumper Plates are our top-of-the-range bumper plates designed to fit the IWF Weightlifting standard and are ideal for Weightlifting competitions and commercial gym environments. Make a statement with Armortech Competition Bumper Plates. 

Armortech 100KG Crumb Bumper Bundle

Highly durable and built to last! These Bumpers undergo a different process so all the odour problems associated with regular rubber plates are eliminated. 

They are built for high-performance, high impact and areas of high traffic. These plates are used in many commercial gyms, fitness centers, studios and CrossFit boxes. 

Crumb Bumper weights can be used 24/7 and they offer a safe level of bounce when dropped. They are built with safety and comfort in mind, but they also offer a very vibrant look and colours for easy weight identification.

Armortech Air Bike

Did you know that with an air bike you can burn 90 calories per minute? Let that sink in. Of course, it is up to you and how hard you are exercising. 

Armortech Air Bike is built with HIIT in mind, and that is where its potential shines. So let’s help you reach your full potential as well. Enjoy a great whole body workout and improve your durability and raise your heart rate. Try a 5 minute, max effort workout and build from there. 

Concept2 RowErg Rowing Machine

Concept2 RowErg Rowing Machine is built to work smoothly and to last for a lifetime. It is also incredibly easy to maintain. 

Elite-level athletes like Gracie use this machine to train and get the best results. If you are a beginner, a long-time athlete or you are looking for something new to support your goals, this rowing machine is the right choice for you.

SR4 Bundle 5 - Crossfit Pack

In order to start some serious training and transformation, we created this Crossfit Pack for you.

  • SR4 Bundle 5 - Crossfit Pack offers all the essentials you need to get started. 
  • SR4 + AB200 + Performance Bar + 100KG Crumb Bumpers = Perfect workout!

The Secret Sauce For a Perfect Crossfit Training By Gracie Walton:

The Hard Work is Worth It!

Gracie shared some ingredients for her success and you know where to start. Her success story taught us that even during the most challenging times you can do something good for yourself.

Putting in work and setting clear goals to aim for with training is a must. In just one year you can transform your body, your life and your confidence.
Flex Equipment can help you with that mission!