Optimise, Maximise your HIIT - How to make your HIIT workouts more mindful

We all love a good sweat fest. The biggest issue associated with HIIT is that it doesn’t to offer a sense
of “mindfulness”. HIIT by definition is intense, fast, high repetitions which to me doesn’t speak
mindfulness. However to improve our overall health we need to focus on all aspects of our fitness
including our “mindfulness”.

Every workout should be mindful. The way to get more out of ourselves and our workout is to be
fully present. This is important for reducing injuries, getting a full range of motion and having the
ability to listen to your body.

Below is 8 ways you can be more mindful during your next HIIT workout.

1. Leave your phone behind.
Leaving your phone locked away is one less distraction. This will allow you to commit to your
workout away from the technological distraction. Once you’re finished you have earned your sweaty

2. Know the exercise and why you are doing it.
Ask you trainer what this exercise is achieving. You should be focusing on the form and by knowing
what you are supposed to be getting out of the exercise focus on your body to achieve this.

3. Set a goal.
During your warmup, seat a goal for your class or fitness session. To achieve the most from out every
class go in with the mindset of conquering everything in the class. Whether it be things you like or
dislike a sense of achievement will help you to continue to push harder every time you return. You
work out how to appreciate your body by knowing you can push its limits.

4. Know your body.
During the warmup you will be able to tell if your body is up for the challenge. By being in tune and
knowing how your body is feeling, if you have an injury, tell your trainer or if you are just not feeling
that is also something you can combat.

5. Slow down.
Even though HIIT is high intensity, there are times during the workout where slower reps and
intensity is required. Obey these, cherish the time you have to listen to your body. If something
doesn’t feel right use this time to adjust your form. Your overall goal will thank you for it when you
are correctly doing the movements making the most of your workout.

6. Remember to breath.
Breathing is beneficial to every movement we make. Whether we realise it or not every movement
usually falls on an exhale or inhale. It can give us extra strength and focus. You should always inhale
on the lesser portion of the movement and exhale on the movement that requires the most force.
For example inhale at the bottom of a squat, exhale to push the weight up.

7. Revisit your goals.

During your workout make sure you ask yourself, am I achieving what I want to? Am I working as
hard as I need to, to achieve my goals? Don’t forget, goals should be measurable and by revisiting
them during your workout you give yourself a greater chance of making them happen.

8. Hang around after your workout.
Focus on your cool down with the same mindfulness you have shown in your workout. Think about
your breathing, your stretching and how your body has reacted to the workout. You will be able to
feel if you need a few extra leg stretches or if an extra 2-3 minute walk to cool off is necessary.

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