Top 30 CrossFit Influencers You Should Follow

CrossFit traces its beginnings back to Greg Glassman who once aimed to become the stronger gymnast. Since then, he has gone on to pioneer one of the most popular fitness movements on the planet, and is also one of the cofounders of CrossFit, the company. He defines CrossFit as a quantifiable method of defining true fitness. The approach makes use of varied high-intensity movements that involve multiple parts of the body.

Thanks to the efficacy of the company’s training program, CrossFit has evolved into something more than just a fitness program - a culture and discipline recognised in many parts of the world.   

CrossFit is intensely popular in many countries, including the USA, Italy, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Iceland, and Australia. There also plenty of CrossFit gyms in Asian countries like China, Japan and the Philippines.

The movement continues to pique the interest of individuals who seek an intensive and high impact workout. It also continues to receive wide recognition all over the internet, thanks to the hundreds of CrossFit influencers around the globe.

How trendy are CrossFit influencers online?

If you try searching for “CrossFit training” on Google or on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will most definitely find thousands of amazing workouts from CrossFit influencers and health enthusiasts.

And since there are so many of them, it might be difficult to know whom to follow when you are just starting out, or even if you have been a fan of CrossFit for years.

That’s why we have assembled our own list of the top 30 CrossFit influencers you should start following today:

#1. Rich Froning

Rich has more than a million followers across his social media profiles, and is the first name that comes to many minds when asked about the CrossFit influencers they follow. He was reigning Crossfit Games champion from 2011 to 2014, which certainly establishes him as one of the top dogs in the arena.

He has a degree in Exercise Science from Tennessee Tech University, where he mostly focused on wellness and physical fitness. Today he is a proud father of three, yet has still not let up, and his passion for CrossFit is evident and going strong. You can follow him on Instagram at @richfroning.

#2. Mat Fraser

This former US Olympic weightlifter has come back after a serious back injury to conquer the world that is CrossFit. After retiring from the sport in 2009, he has gone on to win the CrossFit Games in three consecutive years (much like Rich Froning himself).

If you have suffered a setback yourself, Mat’s Instagram account at @mathewfras is a great place to look for inspiration, and remind yourself that an injury does not have to hold you back forever.

#3. Lindy Barber

Lindy is an inspiration herself, coming back from spinal injury to squat again, something her doctors feared she will never be able to do.

She has also competed in the CrossFit Games and is ever active. Having engaged in many different sports as a child, she is always on the move and ready to take on the next challenge. You can follow her at @laurenfisher.

#4. Mikko Salo

Native to Finland, Mikko Salo is another well-recognised name in the industry. He works as a full time firefighter and offers coaching sessions to those who also want to become CrossFit athletes.

He is the winner of the 2009 CrossFit Games. He currently has more than 63,000 followers on his Instagram page, @mikkosalo63, where he shares his fitness tips and workout routines.

#5. Annie Thorisdottir

Annie’s fans and followers fondly call her Thor’s daughter not just because of her name, but her unbelievable strength and agility.

Before entering the world of CrossFit, Annie was a talented gymnast. Her passion for adventure and fitness have eventually led to her joining the CrossFit Games, which she has won twice, and is the only woman to have done so. Follow her at @anniethorisdottir.

#6. Krystal Cantu

Krystal has only recently joined the CrossFit arena, but has managed to build a solid following already. She did not let her arm amputation get in the way of achieving her fitness goals and motivating others to do the same.

Aside from following her on Instagram at @krystalcantu, you can tune in to her articles as well as her podcast, centred around her life and fitness stories, on her website.

#7. Sara Sigmundottir

Sara is one of the most popular CrossFit personalities in Iceland. She has won first place in the Meridian Regionals in 2015 and 2016. The crowd always goes wild when they see Sara take the stage.

She briefly stopped competing after suffering from a rib injury in 2018, but is now training to get back in the game. If you want to get to know her more, you can check out her Instagram, @sarasigmunds.

#8. Kevin Ogar

Kevin (whom you can find at @kevinogar) is a well-loved fitness coach. In January 2014, he was paralysed after sustaining a major spine injury in a freak accident. His fans have been following his journey to recovery ever since.

In 2015, he established the CrossFit Watchtower in Colorado and the Reveille Project, as his way of thanking his fans and helping others who suffer injuries and disability.

#9. Samantha Briggs

Sam is also a CrossFit Games titleholder, winning the Games back in 2013. Despite her back injury in 2015, she has never stopped pursuing her dream of becoming an amazing CrossFit athlete.

She has more than 600,000 followers on her Instagram account @bicepslikebriggs, and posts regularly to motivate her followers to achieve new heights each day.  

#10. Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa is a huge advocate of CrossFit and the lifestyle it involves. He shares his passion for fitness via his social media accounts and has written a book called As Many Reps As Possible to help spread his love for CrossFit. Follow his fitness ventures at @jasonkhalipa.

#11. Mark Smith

Everyone thought Mark would never walk again after having suffered from encephalitis and meningitis when he was young. But like many other inspiring CrossFit athletes around the globe, he did what he could to overcome his physical limitations. Get your daily inspiration from Mark through his Instagram page @fitsnj.

#12. Lauren Fisher

Lauren is not only a fitness and health advocate, she is an exceptional athlete young women from all over the world look up to. She has been an active sportswoman ever since she was a child, and has always wanted to become a pro. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan. Get to know her better through her Instagram account, @larenfisher.

#13. Emily Bridgers

Emily is well known in the industry for putting Atlanta's CrossFit Terminus together with her husband Ben Benson back in 2013. She's a gymnastics and CrossFit athlete turned entrepreneur who loves to share her passion for health and fitness. You can head over to her Instagram page @emilybridgers to get your daily dose of motivation.

#14. Michele Letendre

Michele is a force to be reckoned with in the world of CrossFit. She began her career as a swimmer and a water-polo player, and has competed in the CrossFit Games six consecutive times. She retired from the Games in 2016 and focused her attention on the CrossFit Program she created in Quebec. You can catch up with her at @mich_letendre.

#15. Sam Dancer

If you're looking for a fun fitness buddy, Sam is definitely the best choice. He never runs out of creative and effective ideas to get fit and healthy. He is not only a true legend of CrossFit, he also used to compete as a bodybuilder, and is known for his genuinely kind heart. You can check out his training routine at @samdancing.

#16. Kara Webb

Kara has been doing CrossFit since 2014. She's been quite active in the sport, but has recently taken time off to recover from an injury. This feisty Aussie is determined to get her former strength back and see her name on the leader board again. You can catch up with her on Twitter at @karawebb01.

#17. Daniel Casey

Daniel might not be as active on social media as other well-known CrossFit athletes, but this guy surely deserves our recognition. He managed to lose 250lbs before his first competition, and is an inspiration to people all across the globe. Make sure you go and follow him at @wanderingprofit.

#18. Christy Adkins

Christy started competing in Reebok's Crossfit Games back in 2012, when she managed to place 15th. She continued competing up to 2016, when she took time off to focus on her newborn. She is still not back to her former routine, but you can catch up with what she is doing now on her Instagram page, @christyphillipsadkins.  

#19. Kelley Jackson

Kelley’s account, @crossfitkelley, is filled with her daily adventures and personal posts. She’s been a CrossFit athlete since 2012, and she continues to explore and improve her explosive skills. Add her to your feed as your daily source of inspiration.

#20. Travis Williams

Travis started competing in the CrossFit Games back in 2015. He has also been actively participating in some of the world’s most difficult sports competitions. He wasn’t always the proponent of living and breathing a healthy life though, and has managed to overcome himself and not only lose weight, but become one of the top people in CrossFit. He is best known for his cool and positive personality at @travismfwilliams.

#21. Kari Pearce

Kari started CrossFit back in 2014 in New York, in her studio apartment. However, she became a gymnast at age three, and she was also a weightlifter and powerlifter before her relationship with CrossFit developed. You can find her at @karipearcecrossfit.

#22. Kate Brierley

Kate has been competing in high-intensity sports contests such as the CrossFit Games since 2013. She has pushed herself out of her comfort zone so many times, she is no longer sure she has one. She has also been voted one of the most beautiful CrossFit athletes, and is a force to be reckoned with in the sport. You can follow her at @k8t.alexander.

#23. Brenda Castro

Brenda strongly believes that if you truly love what you're doing, nothing will ever go wrong. She's a hardworking athlete who you will love following on social media. You can follow her on her Instagram page @brenditacastro.

#24. Brent Fikowski

This Canadian has started competing in the Games back in 2016, and has only been doing better and better each year. He also holds down a full time accounting job, and is referred to as The Professor, being one of the most analytical competitors in the sport. You can find him at @fikowski.

#25. Marcelo Bruno

Marcelo comes fourth in the world of CrossFit, right after Froning, Fraser and Ohlsen. He has been active since the age of three, having been a gymnast, a swimmer and a tennis player, to name but a few sports he is good at. He started lifting weights at 15, and the rest is history. He is a firm believer in discipline, and a great source of motivation if you ever need some. You can find him at @marcelobrunod.

#26. Haley Adams

Thousands of young CrossFit enthusiasts look up to the 18-year-old fitness diva Haley Adams. She is not afraid to get hurt, and is probably the fittest teen you know. You can follow her at @haleyadamssss.

#27. Kristi Eramo

Kristi shows her followers how to be the best version of themselves by engaging in an active lifestyle. During her free time, she goes on camping trips, hikes challenging trails, enjoys a lengthy cycling session and goes on exciting rock climbing adventures. Instead of just showing off her workout routine, she also posts photos of her awesome adventures at @kristieramo.

#28. Helen Harding

Helen is a mother of two, a physio-therapist and a CrossFit rock star. She combines her knowledge and background in physio-therapy and her passion for fitness to excel in everything she does in life. Her fitness story will inspire you at @hchharding.

#29. Cole Sager

Since joining the WAG team, he has become the best version of himself – and is a great source of information on workouts and diet. He has managed to leave cheat days behind, and is one of the top CrossFit athletes out there. You can follow him at @hchharding.

#30. Tia Clair Toomey

This Aussie Olympian Weightlifter is dubbed the second fittest woman on the entire planet. As a rookie, she was able to win second place in Reebok's CrossFit competition. At only 25, Tia has achieved much as an athlete and a certified CrossFitter. She was featured in Netflix’s CrossFit documentaries, and is certainly an inspirational woman to follow. You can find her at @tiaclair1.

If you’ve never heard of CrossFit training before, now is the best time to hop on and join the fun. There are a ton of resources you can use to get acquainted with this highly popular fitness routine.

As shown by the example of the athletes and CrossFit competitors above, anyone can do it. All you need to succeed is dedication, commitment, and some equipment.

You can start building you home CrossFit gym today, and be well on your way to becoming a successful athlete in your own right.

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