Hottest Fitness Trends for 2019

The fitness world never rests on its laurels and new equipment, exercises, workouts and even fitness mash-ups win over gym goers and exercise at home fans. 2018 saw the rise of boxing and trampolining. HIIT went from strength to strength and superfoods saw a resurgence – in its annual trends report forecasting what’s hot for the year ahead, Pinterest says the old-fashioned, anti-inflammatory Elderberry will be big news as well foil dinners. But we digress. Back in January, Men’s Health proclaimed that 2018 was the year of getting back to basics. It said that the biggest fitness trends would be things we’d all seen before – but were actually accessible. Things like HIIT, group training, body weight and strength training, yoga, PTs and even functional fitness were all in its top 10.

Those predictions were fairly spot on but each year brings with it lots of new trends and new ways of reaching and maintaining your fitness goals. 2019 looks set to bring plenty of surprises, whether you’re working out at home or heading to your local gym for a solo exercise session or a group class.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to mix it up and add a new element to your fitness regime in 2019, you may find this list pretty inspiring. Read on for our breakdown of the key fitness trends to look out for in the year ahead...

New Fitness Tech

It has been around for a while admittedly but expect fitness technology to break new ground in 2019, with a range of high-tech, very specific solutions designed to boost your workout even further. With everything from muscle-stimulating devices to new training gear making its way onto the market, the humble FitBit will soon look positively outdated. As more and more customers want to track their fitness progress, wearables manufacturers have been forced to up their game and provide new and innovative ways to do just that. Whatever your workout preference, we predict you’ll be able to add a new gadget to your collection before this time next year.

Mental Health-Focused Fitness

After many years of trying to separate the two, the link between mental health and physical fitness is finally (and firmly) being acknowledged. This recognition is increasingly finding its way into gyms and fitness classes and we expect it the bonds to strengthen over the next 12 months. This trend began in 2018, but is set to continue throughout the year to come. Whilst some classes and fitness disciplines focus on cultivating an overall feeling of health and wellbeing, others take a more active approach to target particular areas of concern, with classes covering everything from anxiety to stress and loneliness.


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The treadmill seemed to be going out of fashion over the last few years, but it’s recently been making a major comeback. This is great news for those that like to keep their workouts simple and effective, as using a treadmill produces impressive results with just one handy piece of workout kit. Plenty of gyms and studios have been re-investing in this once-staple item, and the demand continues to grow thanks in part to the enviable results which can be achieved. Alongside the boom in fitness technology, home gym users can even book in to a virtual running class and get the feeling of communal fitness, without ever needing to leave home.

Rowing Classes

Rowing is a particularly effective fitness technique for increasing strength and improving muscle conditioning. Not only are new rowing classes springing up in gyms, but rowing equipment is becoming more and more effective at home, too. Whether you’re a devoted gym bunny or want to build yourself a home gym space, investing in a rowing machine or trying out the kit for yourself is a great step to take this year.

Fitness Retreats

Health retreats are almost a punchline in some fitness circles, but in 2019 they’re getting serious again. With the latest retreats offering the chance to relax in stunning surroundings while also sampling a range of fantastic workouts (including yoga, interval training and more), this is a fantastic way to commit to anything from 2 to7 days focusing on your own well-being with likeminded people. Gyms and fitness studios are already jumping on the bandwagon, alongside individual personal trainers and smaller boutique operators. The good news is you can couple a retreat with a longer trip – just expect to get off the beaten path.

Shorter Workouts

Short workouts and interval training have been a growing trend, but in 2019 they’ll finally be mainstream. This is partly due to the convenience of these workouts for increasingly busy lives, but it’s also because they’re so effective at everything from losing weight to increasingly muscle tone. HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been popular with fitness aficionados for some years, and shorter workouts include a similar appeal – namely great results in a speedy timeframe.


Over the last few years boxing has increased in popularity, with men and women both seeking out ways of gaining strength as well as boosting their fitness. Men’s Health called it a 2018 trend but it doesn’t look to be going anywhere in 2019.

A great boxing class or the right gym equipment will help you to gain impressive results, with quicker reaction times and better coordination just two of the major benefits. As with many of the latest trends in health and fitness, boxing can be scaled to suit your abilities, so you can actively track your progress.

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Virtual Fitness Classes

For times when you want the motivation of a group fitness class, but can’t quite drag yourself to the gym, virtual fitness classes are a growing trend around the world. Allowing you to choose the right time for a class, and often available at a discounted rate in comparison with attending a class in person, they combine the flexibility and effectiveness which so many people demand as life gets busier. No matter the style of fitness class you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something out there to suit. This is also a great way of trying out something new without commitment. Cycling classes are particularly popular at the moment but, there are lots of other options too.

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