Your Uber Complete Guide to Ninja Warrior Training

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your overall health and welfare, now is the best time to start changing your ways. You can start by training like the athletes who compete in the famous TV show franchise Ninja Warrior.

In the show, athletes attempt to finish a crazy obstacle race designed to fully maximise their agility, power, speed and strength. Most of these players enrol in a Ninja Warrior training course or invest in various Ninja Warrior training equipment.  

Are you aspiring to become more fit this year? Do want to follow the footsteps of famous Ninja Warrior Australia athletes like Olivia Vivian, Fred Dorrington and Dylan Pawson?

Learn everything you need to train like a Ninja Warrior as you read on.

What is the Ninja Warrior Training

Back in 1997, a sports TV show in Japan called Sasuke debuted. The game show featured an obstacle race designed to test the limits of Japanese athletes and gym buffs. Fast forward to the present day, the show was franchised by numerous TV companies all around the world, with the American rip-off as it’s most successful version to-date.

Thousands of aspiring athletes have attempted to conquer the Ninja Warrior competition. However, thanks to the extreme level of difficulty of each challenge, only less than a hundred contestants managed to qualify for the next rounds. The obstacle course of the world-renowned TV franchise is indeed the ultimate test of fitness, strength and agility.

This is why hundreds of Ninja Warrior gym and trainers are now available all around the globe. They aim not only to hone the skills of aspiring contestants but also to encourage anyone who wants to improve their overall health and physique.

While the training routine is not made for the faint hearted, with regular practice and determination, you can surely make the most out of it.

Why you should train like a Ninja Warrior

If you’ve already seen an episode of the famous TV show, you know how hard the challenges can get as a player advances to the higher levels. That’s why a lot of players get so frustrated when they fail to make it to the cut.

For many fans and athletes, the Ninja Warrior obstacle course is the ultimate test of agility, strength, body coordination and mental focus. That’s why trainers, fans and fitness enthusiasts have created their own training routine and obstacle course 

The Ninja Warrior Training is one of the best fitness routines today.

It is great for individuals who want to:

  • Increase grip and overall body strength
  • Improve balance, flexibility, agility and coordination
  • Unleash your brachiate power and upper body strength
  • Qualify for any of the 34 international tournaments of the Ninja Warrior TV show
  • Train to become an athlete, parkour practitioner or rock climber
  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Unlock your core strength
  • Sharpen your mental focus

The training involves the use of cardio equipment, slanted steps, vertical walls, and a long list of other equipment.

What do you need to start your Ninja Warrior Training?

Aside from the types of equipment enumerated above, there are other things you need to prepare in case you want to create your own Ninja Warrior Training gym.

For starters, you need to determine where you will set up the course.

Where to set up your backyard course

Do you have enough space for all the equipment needed? Ideally, your selected area should fit at least four obstacles. It should be spacious enough for a warped wall, slanted steps, salmon ladder, floating chains and monkey peg.  Experts suggest starting with an 8 x 10 x 12 ft backyard space if you only want to use a few obstacles.

It’s also crucial to consider the permits and other necessary paperwork you need to submit to the local government before you start constructing your Ninja Warrior playground.

The backyard course design

Once you have a place ready for your master plan, it’s time to start drafting the design of the course. When designing the course, take into account your safety.

As much as possible, you should include safety mats and other similar features to your course planning and design. You should then consider what type of obstacles to include based on the available working area.

How committed are you to train at home?

Setting up a Ninja Warrior Training at home will definitely cost you money. The cost would entirely depend on what type of obstacles you will include and what type of materials you will use to build them. That’s why it’s extra crucial to ensure that you are 100% committed to pushing through with the training. 

Try to dedicate at least an hour per day to train in your DIY gym and check what you may need to improve. 

Encourage yourself to keep on training by checking out the latest episodes of the Ninja Warrior TV shows. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even try joining the qualifying rounds and see how far you can go.

In case you notice any structural defects on the braces or damages on the materials used, make sure to have them fixed or replaced immediately.

After setting up a gym at home, you should invest time using the equipment. You can also invite your friends and colleagues for a friendly competition. The more participants you can invite, the better.

Train at home vs. Professional training

If you’re not too keen on building your own training course, you can try finding a paid Ninja Warrior training club near you. With an annual or monthly fee, you can enjoy training for the competition or improving your health and physique for personal reasons.

However, you should be ready to face the following issues such as:

  • Waiting in line to get your turn
  • Using poorly maintained equipment
  • No privacy and super noisy crowd
  • Poor mental focus because of the distractions around you

Regardless if you choose to train at home or in a professional facility, the Ninja Warrior routine can definitely help you enjoy a ton of benefits.

Each obstacle is designed to tone and enhance certain parts of your body. When combined together, these obstacles can definitely help you unleash a better, stronger and more powerful version of yourself.

What are the Ninja Warrior obstacles and what are they designed for?

Here are some of the most commonly used backyard obstacles when building a Ninja Warrior gym at home:

Quad Step

It's a classic Ninja Warrior obstacle that often appears easy to complete. However, when you fail to maintain your composure, you will most likely trip and falls from these steps. This obstacle can help improve your body coordination.

Salmon Ladder

Deemed as the ultimate way to improve your brachiate strength, the Salmon Ladder is one of the hardest obstacles in the race. You can easily build your own Salmon Ladder using sturdy pressure-treated 4x4 lumber posts for the vertical frame and 2x6 posts for the connecting post and the rungs.

Pipe Slider

Pipe Slider is another type of obstacle that focuses on upper body strength. In this obstacle, you need to grasp the pipe and try to wiggle your way down the rest of the track.

Once you approach the end point, you need to launch yourself forward to the landing area. Hesitating and failing to move swiftly may result in a massive failure.

Warped Wall

The Warped Wall is the final obstacle in every qualifying round. In the game show, it’s a 14.5-ft high wall that you need to climb up in order for you press the buzzer and officially qualify for the next rounds. You can easily build your own Warped Wall or buy pre-made equipment depending on your budget.

What are the types of equipment needed

Once everything is prepared for your training course and facility, your next order of business should be acquiring or building the equipment needed. You can try finding blueprints for the training course you want to build.

When you build the obstacle track, remember the following tips:

  • Opt for sturdy materials when you build the obstacles
  • Use professional training equipment from trusted sources
  • Be very careful in taking the measurements of the available space to ensure that you build or buy equipment with the right specifications.
  • Don’t forget to add safety features and double check the positioning of the equipment to minimise the risk of accidents

Below are some examples of training equipment you need to have in your Ninja Warrior gym:

  • DIY Quad Steps using A-frames
  • A cargo net for net climbing routine
  • Steel ladder for your DIY monkey bars
  • Rope or poles for grip strengthening routine
  • Rope ladder for climbing exercises
  • Improvised Salmon Ladder

If the available space can accommodate more obstacles, you can check out the TV show and get inspiration for the next training equipment you will build or purchase.

Final words of Fitness wisdom

Physical fitness should always be one of your top priorities. Without a fit and healthy body, it would be quite difficult to pursue your passion, maximise your full potential, increase your agility and power, and enjoy a happy and illness-free life with your loved ones.

Training like a Ninja Warrior is one of the best options out here. If you haven’t heard about this training yet, go ahead and check out the show on TV. Look at how the players try to conquer each obstacle in order to qualify and win the competition.

We shared all the necessary details you need to set up your own Ninja Warrior Gym. take note of the tips we shared above so you can start your training as early as possible.

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