Ryan Woodall: CrossFit Legend!

The consistent performer. It’s clear from Ryan’s career highlights he’s on top of his game, known as a legend within the sport!

It all began 6 years ago for Ryan, when he started working out at a mate’s house. Next thing he was entering in local competitions, then national events - it wasn’t long before he was well known on the CrossFit scene.

With his grit and determination, he’s competed 3 times as a regional athlete, once as an individual and twice as a team. Winning Open Masters 35-39 Fittest in Australia for 3 consecutive years!

If you know Ryan, you’ll know his wit and humour is contagious, there is never a dull moment! With this and his success it’s no surprise people started asking to train with him. This brought the opening of Injustice CrossFit. A now well established and popular CrossFit affiliate in Rockingham.

His impressive bench mark stats are Back Squat 195kg, Clean and Jerk 155kg, Snatch 117kg and Deadlift 225kg!

As a proud Western Australian, there’s no better man to represent the state and show the rest of the country how strong WA is. We’re thrilled to have Ryan join our Armortech Sponsored Athlete team and are excited to see what the future holds!

Career Highlights



WA Masters 35-39 HQ Semi Final

Open Masters 35-39 Fittest in Australia

Down Under Championships



Individual Qualifier


Open Masters 35-39 Fittest in Australia

Masters 35-39 CrossFit Games




Open Masters 35-39 Fittest in Australia

CrossFit Games - Injustice CrossFit Team

Pacific Regionals - Injustice Crew





CrossFit Open Pacific Region

Pacific Regionals

Top 40

Individual Qualifier


Pacific Regionals - Injustice Crew


Photo Credit: Anthony Rogers

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