6 Experts share their top home gym setups for losing weight

Trying to lose weight and looking to invest in a home gym? Especially when you're a beginner on a strict budget it can be hard to pick the right equipment for your home gym setup. Not only do you have to pick the right setup, but then you have to put together a workout plan that will get the results you are after.

This is why we went out and asked experts in the industry what equipment they would recommend for weight-loss for budgets between $500 and $1000. Our experts were more than happy to oblige and included some awesome workout plans to get you started.

Thank you to our experts for contributing to this post, you have helped create a great resource for our home-gym customers with styles to suit every need.

Nick Hall

Nick Hall is a personal trainer in Port Melbourne. Nick has been in the fitness industry for 9 years. Nick has worked with a wide range of clients helping them to better themselves and achieve their fitness goals. Nick has trained stay at home mums, CEO's, directions, recreational triathletes, cyclists, marathon runners high school students and more, getting great results. Whether it be improvements in body composition, specific fitness/ sports training or nutrition consulting Nick's expertise are highly valued.

Website: nickhallbodytransformations.com
Instagram: instagram.com/nick_hall_body_transformations/
Facebook: facebook.com/NickHallBodyTransformations/


The following equipment is Nick's recommendation and can be purchased for around $500.


I have selected the above workout equipment as each piece of equipment is very functional meaning you can use it for multiple exercises, muscle groups, movement planes and can be used for beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts.

Beginner Workout

(AMRAP - 30 seconds per exercise - complete 3 rounds)

  • Landmine single arm presses
  • Slamball alternating lunges - alternating lunges holding slamball
  • Resistance band rows
  • Slamball squats
  • Battlerope slams
  • Kettlebell deadlifts
  • Resistance band rotations

Intermediate workout

(AMRAP - 30 seconds per exercise - complete 3 rounds)

  • Kettlebell overhead press
  • Kettlebell alternating lunges - alternating lunges holding kettlebell
  • Landmine single arm rows
  • Slamball slams
  • Landmine rotations
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Alternating battlerope arm slams

Advanced workout

(AMRAP - 30 seconds per exercise - complete 3 rounds)

  • Slamball overhead alternating lunges
  • Resistance band push ups
  • Landmine squats
  • Landmine bent over row
  • Slamball squat throws with shuttle runs (i.e squat > throw > run after  ball > turn around and repeat)
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Landmine rotations
  • Squat jump and battle rope slam

Jack Olden

With 5 locations over the last 5 years, Jack knows what makes the perfect fit out. He has used flex fitness for every fit-out due to the unparalleled price, quality and customer service.
Website: ethosperth.com


The following equipment is Jacks recommendation and can be purchased for around $500.

  • Iron kettlebell 16,20,24kg – “Swing, squat, press and more, this set offers a weight set suitable for a beginner to intermediate level”.
  • Hex Dumbbells Bundle - “Dumbbells are such an awesome and relatively inexpensive training tool for so many reasons. There great for increasing strength, stability, power and conditioning.”
  • Armotech commercial gym flooring – “this flooring stands the test of time, is easy to clean and looks great!”
  • Armotech v2 speed rope – “A versatile and inexpensive piece of conditioning equipment, this will get the heart rate up and get you moving”


TABATA (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds of EACH movement, alternating between movements each interval. Rest 2 minutes between Tabata’s before moving onto the next.)

Round 1:

Kettlebell goblet squat alternating with single or double under

(Rest 2 minutes)

Round 2:

Hang dumbbell snatch alternating with hollow body hold

(Rest 2 minutes)

Round 3:

Single arm dumbbell thruster alternating with single arm front rack lunge (switch arms each round)

FOR TIME (21, 15 & 9 Reps)

  • Dumbbell thruster (Single arm dumbbell thruster alternating with single arm front rack lunge, switch arms each round, choose a weight that you can hit 10 reps at the start of the workout relatively comfortably with)
  • Jump Squat
  • 200m run between each round

Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and has a Bachelor of Science and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Psychology. Range of Motion specialises in using exercise and lifestyle factors in the creation of happy, healthy, high performing individuals, communities and generations.

Website: rangeofmotion.net.au
Facebook: facebook.com/rangeofmotion.net.au/
Instagram: instagram.com/range_of_motion/


The following equipment is Dan's recommendation and can be purchased for under $500.


Exercise helps you lose weight in three ways, by burning energy as you exercise, by increasing energy expenditure after your workout is over, and by increasing energy expenditure in the long term.

Resistance training performed at high intensity ticks all three boxes. Not only will you burn energy as you’re lifting the weights, but research has shown high intensity exercise increases energy burn for up to 38 hours after you finish your workout! Resistance exercise also helps you build lean muscle, which means you’ll be increasing your metabolism for the long term and burning energy as you sleep!

With the money you have saved (it's under $500 for this equipment), pay a coach to teach you how to deadlift, power clean, back squat and push press. These exercises will form the basis of your workouts because they give you the most bang for their buck. Perform various combinations of these movements, sometimes high reps, sometimes low reps, but always with good technique and intensity.

Josh Paurini

Infinity Fitness leverages Josh’s experience coaching athletes like Lisa Tamati and Sam Rapira to provide a pinnacle-level personal training experience to everyone – whether you’re looking to improve performance, lose weight, or recover from an injury.

A former NBL (NZ) athlete himself, Josh knows first-hand the important role an effective trainer’s attention to detail and ability to listen has on helping athletes perform to their full potential.

Alongside an ability to motivate honed on the basketball court and in multiple management positions within the fitness industry, Josh’s skills and fitness knowledge have made him a leader in his field.

Website: infinityfitness.co.nz


The following equipment is Josh's recommendation and can be purchased for under $1000.


We purchased this setup for our home gym as we wanted to invest in equipment that gave us the ability to train hundreds of different ways.

My clientele throughout my career have included advanced injury rehabilitation and even world-class athletes, so I’ve always needed to train them with the big lifts although ensure they’re always 100% safe. The AT41 is a rack with good safety features to allow you to squat, deadlift, row, pull-up, lunge, bench press etc and do so safely.

Adding the battle ropes gives you a solution for both resistance and cardio training. This is a great set up, at a great price and would confidently recommend it to anyone.

Warm up

Battle Rope - 40 seconds on 20 seconds off, use both hands at the same time as if powerfully cracking a whip.

Thrusters - 3 rounds of 10 (Squat combined with shoulder press, light to medium weight and move it fast)

Main Workout

4 Sets x 8 Reps Heavy (For the first 4 Sets use a weight you’ll struggle to do more than 8 Reps.)

5th Set x 12 Reps Half the weight as previous (For the 5th Set do half as much weight as the previous Set and do 12 Reps.)

  • Dead Lift
  • Body Weight Pull Up
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Hanging Knee Raises (3 Sets x 20 Reps)
  • Hollow Body Hold (3 x 30 seconds)

Larissa Fernandez

Larissa has been practicing yoga for about 11 years now. In 2015 she made a big lifestyle change and chose to give up her corporate job and teach yoga fulltime. She manages a beautiful yoga studio and café in East Perth, Urban OM which she says has been the most fulfilling and exciting challenge yet. She practices yoga almost every day and also incorporates a couple of days of HIIT style training in her week to help build strength and keep fit. 

Website: urbanom.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/UrbanOMEastPerth
Instagram: instagram.com/urbanomeastperth/


The following equipment is Larissa's recommendation and can be purchased for under $1000.


I've selected a mix of cardio, strength and mobility equipment. The secret to an effective movement program is to incorporate all areas of functional movement. I would start with some cardio work on the treadmill to get the heart rate up, interspersed with strength movements using the Kettlebells- usually kettlebell swings, deadlifts and squats working for approx 40-50 secs per set. Then finish with a yoga/ core session using the Yoga Mat and Pilates equipment. The Pilates ring is a great way to add more resistance to your core exercises to build strength.

Tim Frey

Tim Frey holds a Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning and runs a private facility in Wangara called Helix Sports Performance. He’s worked with professional athletes in the USA and Australia over the last 9 years including a stint in Division 1 College sports with the University Of Arizona.

Website: helixsp.com
Instagram @masterstrength_: instagram.com/masterstrength_/
Instagram @helixperformance: instagram.com/helixperformance/


The following equipment is Tim's recommendation and can be purchased for under $1000.


Session 1

(1A, 1B, 1C... and B1,B2.... means no rest in between)


  • 1A: Barbell Jefferson Curls 2x20s
  • 1B: Pigeon Stretch 2x20s
  • 1C: Hip Flexor BW Release 2x20s
  • 1D: Quadruped Open Outs 2x10

Strength & Conditioning:

  • A: Bench Press 5x5
  • B1: Military Press 4x8
  • B2: Band Pull Aparts 4x20
  • C1: Barbell Row 4x12
  • C2: Single Arm Band Row 4x10
  • D: Barbell Curls 1x100
  • E: Tricep Extensions 1x10


21-15-9 reps of:

  • Bodyweight Squat
  • Burpees
  • Pushups

Session 2


  • 1A: Knee To Wall 2x10
  • 1B: Front Fold 2x20s
  • 1C: Windmills 2x10
  • 1D: Scorpions 2x10

Strength & Conditioning:

  • A: Squat 5x5
  • B: RDL 4x8
  • C1: Hip Thrust 4x12
  • C2: Sit To Stand 4x8
  • D: RKC Planks 4x60s
  • E: Side Pillar Adductions 3x10



  • 200x Skips or 80x Double Unders
  • 20x Hollow Body Rockers
  • 10x Wall Balls
  • 50x Mountain Climbers

Session 3


  • 1A: Dowell Rotations 2x20
  • 1B: Quadruped T-Spine Open Outs 2x10
  • 1C: Worlds Greatest Stretch 2x10
  • 1D: Downward To Upward Dog 2x10

Strength & Conditioning:

  • A: Bench 5x3
  • B: Behind Neck Press 5x5
  • C1: Ring Chins 4xAMAP
  • C2: Dips 4x AMAP
  • D: Barbell 21s x4
  • E: Band Tricep Pushdowns 3x30


21-15-9 reps of:

  • OH Plate Squat
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Hollowbody Rockers
  • Hand Release Pushups

Session 4


  • 1A: Bench Rockers 2x10
  • 1B: Windmills 2x10
  • 1C: Scorpions 2x10
  • 1D: Round The World 2x10

Strength & Conditioning:

  • A: Deadlift 5x5
  • B: Hip Thrust 5x5
  • C1: Front Rack Reverse Barbell Lunges 4x6
  • C2: Lying Prone Scissors 4x20
  • D: Hanging Leg Raises 3x20


  • 1.2K Run
  • 100 Squats
  • 100 Pushups
  • 100 Chins
  • 1.2K Run

Training Notes:

  • Add 2-4% per week of weight to your compound lifts
  • Consider a de-load in the 4th week
  • Recover your times/rounds for your WOD’s and compare week to week
  • Focus on tempo of your eccentrics during each rep

Wrapping It Up

Our goal with this initiative was to help you make better choices at the lower cost when setting up your own home gym and we hope we have succeeded in that effort.

This was also a proof that to meet your fitness goals, you don’t need costly equipment, but rather a smart choice of gear that will help you have the basics covered and expand it in the future. Many thanks again to our experts for their contributions. If you have any additional suggestions we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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