Stick to Your New years Health and Fitness Goals

Stick to Your New year's Health and Fitness Goals


Set Realistic Goals

Be honest with yourself; are you never going to eat fast food again or will you always train every single day? Build yourself and your expectations up slowly, keep your goals attainable and start small. By doing so you are going to keep up momentum and not lose steam on your journey towards a better you.


Write it Down

Measure it and right it down. You might be measuring centimetres, pant sizes or exercise timing and weights. Whatever you are aiming for, make it numeric and write it down, keeping only broad and vague ideas of goals makes it a lot harder to achieve without a clear benchmark. You’re starting at A and you need to know when you’ve made it to B.


Treat Yourself

Reward yourself. If you’ve set yourself small realistic goals and you achieve them, splash out and treat yourself with something to entice you to keep going. Maybe you want a new outfit or runners, just think of something special to encourage you to stay on track. This can also be food-orientated, just because you are on a new health regime doesn’t mean you can’t splurge every so often, moderation is key! Avoid binge eating and crashing off your health plan with a programmed cheat meal here and there to not starve yourself of something you love.


Be Accountable

Be responsible and own the goals you are setting for yourself. Tell people about what you’re planning on achieving and how you’re going to get there. Then, pull out your wallet and put your money where your mouth is, speak to the professionals at Flex Fitness Equipment about what you should invest in for your fitness goals.


Don’t Give Up!

If you fall off the tracks majorly don’t stress, consider your new health and fitness goals a behaviour change, make it a part of your life. Being fit and healthy isn’t something that will come and go in your life and if you start to lose control you don’t stop and wait until January 1 next year to get back on it. Evaluate why you didn’t succeed at your goals this time around, understand if you need to make any adjustments and then keep going. One day you won’t even realise you are trying to do it, you’ll just be healthy!


Remember if you ever feel like it is hard to figure out how to achieve your fitness and health goals speak to the professionals at Flex Fitness Equipment, asking for help will only assist you on your journey to a better you.


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