The Complete Crossfit Garage Guide

One of the best ways you can stay fit is to stay physically active by engaging in an exercise routine and following a training philosophy like CrossFit.

You may have heard about CrossFit training from your friends, coworkers or gym buddies. It’s a training philosophy that teaches how to improve your cardiovascular fitness and physical well-being by following a set of expert routines and using the right fitness training equipment.

Some people prefer going to the gym for their CrossFit routine, while others invest in creating their own CrossFit garage gym.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about CrossFit training and how to set up a CrossFit garage in your own property.

Let’s start the discussion by learning the CrossFit training essentials.

Deep dive into CrossFit training

CrossFit training consists of varied high-intensity and highly functional movements coupled with a diet that strictly consists of meat, veggies, seeds, nuts, some fruit, a small amount of starch and zero sugar.

It is an intensive and hardcore training philosophy that works perfectly for:

  • Physical training noobs who want to start right
  • Gym buffs who have been training for years  
  • Individuals who wish to improve their performance and agility
  • People who want to lose weight the healthy way

While there’s a ton of workout routines, many gym and fitness experts believe that CrossFit is the best option if your goal is to achieve the highest level of physical fitness.

It’s way better than other types of workout because:

  • It incorporates a variety of training protocols.
  • You get to experience different routines each day.
  • It allows you to regularly gauge your progress, so you don’t plateau.
  • It helps you perform your usual personal routine better and faster.
  • You can actively engage with other people doing CrossFit training.
  • Aside from improving your cardiovascular health, you also increase your strength and endurance.
  • You can readily incorporate it with Paleo diet.

If you refer to CrossFit’s official website, you’ll notice the variation in the workout routine prescribed each day.

For example, on January 18, 2019, the routine consists of back squats, shoulder press and deadlift. On the previous week, January 11, 2019, they suggested doing a 20-minute routine consisting of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats.

Here are other examples of daily CrossFit workout routines:

  • L-sit holds for 1 minute and 15 back extensions
  • 3 rounds of inverted burpees, 1000-m row and 15 over the rower burpees
  • deadlift and handstand for 20 minutes

Making a decision to become healthier and more fit through CrossFit is easy-peasy. Deciding where to do it is the tough part.

Train at the gym vs train at home

A lot of people are guilty of paying gym memberships but failing to use it anyway.

In Australia, more than 7 million people pay for gym membership each year. Sadly, 27 percent of this population barely maximise their membership, which roughly costs around $780 per year.

The main reason why most people can’t commit to their routine despite the top-notch facilities and equipment on the gym is lack of time due to their hectic schedule and work commitment.

On top of that, it's not exactly thrilling to perform your routine when surrounded by people who can’t keep their music down.

If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals without compromising your schedule or dealing with sweaty and breathless exercisers, your best option is to build your own CrossFit garage gym.

Here are the rest of the benefits and advantages of setting up a CrossFit box in your garage:

  • Avoid wasting time on the road
  • Focus on the routine instead of spending too much time socialising
  • Avoid waiting in line to use the equipment
  • Minimise fuel expenses
  • Save money on gym memberships
  • Enjoy performing a wide range of routine exercises
  • Wear anything you want
  • Enjoy complete privacy while you workout
  • Workout anytime you want


Now that we’ve established that it’s better to train in your own garage gym, let’s look into the costs involved.

How much money do you need to shell out?

People often choose to go to the gym because they think that you need to have uber deep pockets to afford building your own workout hub.

In truth, creating a garage gym won’t cost you a fortune.

Check out some of the usual questions that pop out when someone wants to know how to set up a CrossFit garage.  

Is it more expensive to set up a home fitness garage?

No, you only need to find a reputable CrossFit gym equipment supplier. Plus, you can always start small. Focus on the main types of equipment you need for the routine.

How much does it cost if you opt for a commercial CrossFit gym?

CrossFit gym memberships are more expensive than traditional gyms. Traditional fitness centres only cost around $780 per year, while CrossFit centres charge at least $3016.

At the end of the day, once you cancel your membership, you won’t have access to the equipment and the facility.

How much does it cost if you opt for a CrossFit garage?

Setting up a simple garage gym for your CrossFit garage gym workout will only set you back well under the cost of a CrossFit membership. You can start with a few pieces of CrossFit equipment like:

  • Aerobic steps
  • Medicine balls
  • Plyometric boxes
  • Slam balls
  • Weighted vest
  • Swiss football bar
  • Battle rope
  • Gym timer
  • Agility speed ladder
  • Training marker
  • Speed Rope
  • Sledgehammer
  • Agility hurdle set
  • Club bells

Over time, you can start adding more costly pieces of equipment like pump sets, bars, pull-up bars, rig core, power cage, parallette, and assault air bike.

At the end of the day, even if you must shell out more than $3000 you get to keep the CrossFit equipment and even share it with your family and close friends.

It’s definitely a worth-it investment.

How to set up a CrossFit garage gym?

In creating a garage gym, you should take note of the layout, lighting, and the required equipment.

The gym layout

It's crucial to figure out where to place the pieces of equipment you'll buy.

The solution is to create a floor plan.

Take note of the dimensions of the equipment, the free space, and walking area. If you’re having a tough time planning the layout, you can check out CrossFit garage gym ideas.

In case the space is too cramped, consider decluttering and revamping the area. Perhaps you can remove the storage cabinets or shelves that you don’t really use.

Once the area is clean and tidy, you can start installing mat on the floor. While matting can cost you a lot of money, it ensures your safety and it adds comfort to the working space.

Garage gym lighting

It’s incredibly difficult to work out in the dark, most especially during the winter.

If your garage only has a single light source, we highly recommend opting for LED bulbs and adding wall mounted LED wraps. This will help you see the hash marks on the barbell and spot your missing rubber dumbbells.

Aside from using LED wraps, you may also install track lights or canister lights. If you have enough budget, you can invest in a fancy lighting fixture.

The equipment

Finally, once you finish matting the floor, planning the layout and working on the gym lighting, you can start assembling the equipment.

There are a few basic tools and equipment that you need to have in your garage gym.

Squat rack

If you have a limited space to work with, we recommend buying a small or medium squat rack. To save space, you can opt for a foldable squat rack.


You can start with a multipurpose bar so you can do Olympic lifting as well as power lifts. Just make sure to check the quality of the barbell you use to avoid getting injured.


When you shop around for a bench, select one that's simple but functional. Experts highly recommend using steel benches because these are highly durable.

Gymnastic rings

You can anchor your gymnastic rings to the rafters or ceiling. When you buy gymnastic rings, choose ones that have a longer rope.

Jump rope

Jump rope is a ubiquitous and versatile fitness tool. Try to find a high-end jump rope that offers customisation options so you can match it with the overall motif of your garage gym.

Summary of CrossFit training essentials

CrossFit training is proven effective. It’s a high-intensity training that will allow you to unlock your full potential and improve your overall health condition.

While you have the option to avail a gym membership, it’s way more practical and economical to invest in a garage gym.

Having your own accessible gym allows you to workout anytime, save money on costly membership fees, and share the training and principles of CrossFit training with your partner or maybe your friends and kids.

We have outlined the key steps on how to set up a CrossFit garage as well as the types of CrossFit equipment and the costs involved in the guide.

Use all the information to start building a nice place for your training routine.

Need gym equipment to set up your own CrossFit garage? Check out our online product catalogue and find the perfect fitness equipment for you.

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